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Print Puzzle - "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" by Barb Olson on 9/12/2022
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1- Unfortunate event; 7- Worksite trailer company; 11- Video file extension; 14- Warrior called the "Scourge of God"; 15- Over yonder way; 16- Be off; 17- Mantra of a slightly restrained carouser, maybe; 19- Word in an Abba musical; 20- Deflating sound; 21- Words before "dull moment"; 22- Farm building with layers; 23- Gifts of The Two Wise Men?; 25- They're passed in relays; 28- "Do as ___, not as ..."; 29- Words that come back on you; 30- Cocoon occupants; 33- Fluff a slapshot; 36- Hunky, but not THAT hunky; 40- ___-Agathe-des-Monts, Qu├ębec; 41- Be braggadocian; 42- Wolf or fox den; 43- Caught in ___ of lies; 45- Severely injured; 47- There's more to the story than this; 52- Oceanfront drawbacks?; 53- Auto gear system, informally; 54- Fed. riding reps; 57- "Bubble" drink; 58- Forget part of the fire drill, maybe; 60- Opposite of 'neath; 61- Short-term hiree; 62- More like pie, in a way; 63- Mine find; 64- "Eat, ___, Love"; 65- Spiral-horned antelopes;
1- Gaping yaps; 2- Medical dictionary suffix; 3- Dots on a T.T.C. map; 4- Book it, old-style; 5- Offshoot of a 12-step program; 6- Groups of experts; 7- Between coasts; 8- What Androcles extracted from the lion; 9- Nationality of .5% of the world; 10- Nonprofit assn.; 11- Impressionable stuff?; 12- Previous; 13- Chart showing a trend; 18- Rental at Blockbuster; 22- Texter's "ciao"; 23- Goopy gunk; 24- Teacher's advanced deg.; 25- What a hotel maid makes; 26- Room to swing ___; 27- Very well-worn, as a rug; 30- "Get a room!" elicitor, for short; 31- Thinker's sounds; 32- One way to stand; 34- Girl friend, in Gatineau; 35- Wonkish sort; 37- A son of Adam and Eve; 38- Not having improved; 39- Was a good toboggan; 44- Part of W.P.M.: Abbr.; 45- Male-sounding deodorant brand; 46- Not long now; 47- Copycat comment; 48- Gag app for suds drinkers; 49- Coffeehouse draw; 50- Bum wrap for a British baby?; 51- Gene material; 54- Do drudge work; 55- Defendant's statement; 56- Some 35mm cameras; 58- Informal French "please": Abbr.; 59- Cape Town's ctry.;