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Print Puzzle - "Good Grief!" by Steve Faiella on 9/9/2022
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1- Golf hole goal; 4- Popeye's main squeeze ___ Oyl; 9- Potato, slangily; 13- Burn soother; 15- Petroleum-carrying ship; 16- ___ filter (feature of many vacuum cleaners); 17- Low-mileage car; 19- Fragrance; 20- Words before "abc" or "pie"; 21- Chemical often added to table salt; 23- Justin Timberlake's boy band (minus the "*"); 24- Calligrapher's liquid; 25- Fruit and Veg merchant; 33- College person with a "list"; 37- "National Velvet" author Bagnold; 38- "Humble" living quarters; 39- Wile E. Coyote's supplier; 40- Welcome to one's home; 42- Barely got by; 43- Fisherman's ___, San Francisco; 45- Capitol of Latvia; 46- Sudden urges; 47- Valuable nugget maker; 50- Dale Evans hubby; 51- Cheese-covered snack; 56- Like many a grandparent; 60- Nautical term that is commonly used as a synonym for "a large amount"; 63- Battle god for the Greeks; 64- Make progress; 66- Restaurant offering; 67- Belly button type; 68- Egg on; 69- Finger jab; 70- They're for the birds; 71- Co. that put out Dungeons & Dragons;
1- Wiccan or Druid, religiously; 2- "She was ___ from the low country" (Scottish folk song); 3- Football legend Grier; 4- Gooey and gross; 5- Musical Minnelli; 6- Economic and social misfortunes; 7- Formation of geese; 8- Making a mistake; 9- Having footwear on; 10- Mani-___ (salon combo); 11- On top of; 12- "I bet you won't go bungee jumping," e.g.; 14- Former New York cardinal Edward (add a "B" to the front for a synonym of "started"); 18- Grp. that patrols America's shores; 22- Gumbo thickener; 24- Part of ROY G. BIV; 26- Hi-___ screen; 27- The E in Einstein's formula; 28- "Old MacDonald Had a Farm, ___"; 29- Follow orders; 30- Brand of cola; 31- First place; 32- Cherry and crimson; 33- Deputy ___ ('60s cartoon canine); 34- Empty hallway sound; 35- Human rights attorney Clooney; 36- Stereotypical techie; 41- "Old Town Road" hitmaker Lil ___ X; 44- Popular houseplant; 48- "That's using your ___" ("Great idea!"); 49- --'acte (play break); 52- Baseball's Felipe, Matty or Jesus; 53- Tennis-playing area; 54- Puts up, as a painting; 55- More unusual; 56- Musty and moist; 57- Crossword cookie; 58- Yellowish-brown furniture wood; 59- Shipwreck locale; 60- Containers for recycling; 61- "Right away, boss!"; 62- Periods in history; 65- "Wheel of Fortune" buy;