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Print Puzzle - "Two for the Show" by Barb Olson on 9/5/2022
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1- Seaport north of Tel Aviv; 6- Type of crisp toast; 11- Talk of the flock; 14- "I ___ Okay With This" (2020 Netflix series); 15- ___-air (outdoor painting style); 16- Key out?; 17- Fig-like houseplant; 18- Rock/country duo Tom & Johnny?; 20- "Marvy!"; 22- Born, in Beauce; 23- Charge avoided by smugglers; 24- R&B/rap duo Percy & MC?; 27- Crazed state; 28- Conjures; 32- Governor General's name on a football cup; 34- Latch (onto); 37- Quick prenatal test?; 38- Hockey Central's Maclean; 39- New wave/country duo Adam & Faith?; 41- NBA's Magic, on scoreboards; 42- Room seldom shown to guests; 44- Drug in "Brave New World"; 45- Given the same email; 46- Goofy company?; 48- Welcome reply to an apology; 50- Pop/rockabilly duo Christopher & Chubby?; 55- Instrument in A&W ads; 58- "Huh???"; 59- Poetic "paragraph"; 60- Folk/grunge duo Neil & Courtney?; 63- Link to the main body; 64- National grant-giving org.; 65- Palindromic film title of 2020; 66- Like hair when rubbed with a balloon; 67- "Mighty" tree; 68- Flogging ___ horse; 69- Passover feast;
1- Blade handles; 2- Baroness Barbara, wife of Conrad Black; 3- Growth portions; 4- Type of workweek touted of late; 5- Part of a Twitter handle; 6- Ont. rep at Queen's Park; 7- "The Vampire Diaries" protagonist; 8- "They can, f'rall I care"; 9- "Kiss it" kin; 10- No matter which; 11- Joe Biden's late son; 12- Swamper: Abbr.; 13- Craving a hot soak, say; 19- Burnable storage unit; 21- Put on an act; 25- Proceeds no further; 26- Assessment: Abbr.; 29- Opposite of bow-legged; 30- Ireland, to Yeats; 31- Word said with a gavel slam; 32- Spring greeting card word, perhaps; 33- ___ de boeuf; 35- "We-he-he-ell!"; 36- Make fun of, in a way; 39- Gateway owner since 2017; 40- They get plastered on construction jobs; 43- Like ancient Peruvian art; 45- White line on a mirror, maybe; 47- Cried out in pain; 49- Minor melees; 51- Was very bright; 52- "___ Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" (Big & Rich hit); 53- Paperless publication; 54- Kick back benefit?; 55- Wrong entry, possibly; 56- Gretzky's alma mater, for short; 57- "Uncle ___" (John Candy film); 61- Ontario's cap. city region; 62- Gate guesstimate: Abbr.;