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Print Puzzle - "Time to Retire" by Richard Shlakman on 9/2/2022
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1- ___ de guerre; 4- Brooklyn Nets point guard Dragic; 9- Raise the roof; 13- Barrett of gossip; 14- Poem of lament; 15- Olympics blade; 16- Description of a 66 across person; 18- Hindu god of destruction; 19- Attack, as across a boundary; 20- Clowns sometimes put them on; 22- Sharp picture producer, briefly; 24- Get-go; 25- Half of a 60's quartet which included Cass Elliot; 28- Radio spectrum that ranges from 535 to 1705 KHz; 32- Tennis serving whiz; 33- They end up on a babies bib; 34- Sports ___; 37- Description of a 66 across person; 40- Vietnamese New Year; 41- In the future; 42- Serene; 43- Washington Football Team owner Dan; 44- Cultural values; 45- "Positive thinking" exponent; 48- "Cheerio!"; 50- Possible answer to "Is that you?"; 54- Corrupt political fund-raiser; 58- Diploma holder; 59- Description of a 66 across person; 61- Ore store; 62- Flummoxed; 63- "Peter Pan" pooch; 64- Orbital period; 65- Defunct "Dawson's Creek" network; 66- Personality type described in16, 37 and 59 across;
1- It may be proper; 2- Being broadcast; 3- Big name in WWI spydom; 4- French playwright Jean; 5- Grand ___ Opry; 6- Cincinnati team; 7- The rain in Spain; 8- Big Apple cops' org.; 9- Rule for building on others' ideas in improv; 10- Heroic tales; 11- Protective embankment; 12- Bare minimum; 13- Baseball card stat.; 17- "6 to 5, and pick it," e.g.; 21- "Despacito" singer Luis; 23- Heterogeneous; 25- Bygone; 26- Reason to take an aspirin; 27- Saucy and sassy; 29- Paris newspaper, with "Le"; 30- He toasted Bergman: "Here's looking at you kid"; 31- Woody's role in "Annie Hall"; 33- Maker of Be Delicious perfume; 34- Ho-hum; 35- Move, in Realtor-ese; 36- Bill producers; 38- How "A daring young man on the flying trapeze" performed; 39- Stop signs,.e.g.; 43- Mini burger; 44- List-ending abbr.; 45- Small variety of hippo or goat; 46- Unsettling; 47- Downward Facing Dog, e.g.; 49- Popular British sitcom, for short; 51- "Sultan of___" (Babe Ruth); 52- Algebra or trig; 53- Last word of an ultimatum, often; 55- [Air kiss]; 56- Wee; 57- Gun grp.; 60- Wallace or Ayres;