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Print Puzzle - "Follow Your Nose" by Steve Faiella on 9/1/2022
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1- "Lord of the Rings" baddies; 5- God of the Koran; 10- Like 10-watt bulbs; 13- ___-purpose (serving two functions); 14- Speedometer or odometer; 15- Memo "to self"; 16- Attack plane (or bird that swoops down, steals a French fry, and quickly escapes); 18- Ill-at-___ (nervous); 19- Look with a twisted lip; 20- Architect I.M. ___; 21- "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat; 22- Dress fancily, with "up"; 24- When tots take snoozes; 26- "Striped" fish; 29- Pinky neighbor; 32- Suffix for percent or project (I wouldn't LIE to you); 33- German car company; 34- One more than bi-; 35- Envelope's metal fastener; 37- Perfect tennis serve; 39- Japanese hunting dog; 43- Engage, as a security system; 45- Lug along; 47- Offering from Hertz or National; 48- Ones who change employers often; 52- In ___ (working in harmony); 53- Group artistically, as flowers; 54- Have dinner; 56- Brings up, as children; 57- Lincoln or Vigoda; 60- Cheese-covered chip; 64- Costa ___ (Nicaragua neighbor); 65- Cry upon reaching port; 67- Actress Barbara whose character was found by astronaut Anthony Nelson; 68- Place to bowl; 69- Green vegetable with tightly curled leaves; 70- Mom's mate; 71- Computer memory units; 72- Places to get massages;
1- Betting ratio; 2- Wreck completely; 3- Bat's underground home; 4- Rains in icy pellets; 5- Long ___ (in the distant past); 6- Genie's home; 7- Auto service job, for short; 8- Getting older (Alternate spelling); 9- Yonder yacht; 10- Celebrate by dancing Irish style; 11- How Mario introduces himself in video games (as my Italian grandma used to...); 12- More timid; 15- Slob's opposite; 17- Frat member (Abbr); 21- Twisting staircase shape; 23- "Despicable Me" supervillain (Anagram of RUG); 25- Back, on a ship; 26- Lighter and pen maker; 27- Everything; 28- Body of salt water; 30- Actress Lupino; 31- Recess in a wall; 33- Cooks' protective wear; 36- Like the location of the Pyramids of Giza; 38- Piercing site; 40- Dangerous, as winter sidewalks; 41- Grab some rays; 42- Curved line; 44- Car sticker stat; 46- ___ only as directed; 48- Shook up; 49- Big name in frozen potato foods (Hyph.); 50- Prepared (oneself), as for impact; 51- Like heavenly gates; 52- Orders of pancakes; 55- Andy's raggedy pal; 58- Streak of lightning; 59- Fencing blade; 61- Lip-balm target; 62- Mexican "Hi!"; 63- Iron and tin sources; 65- Small amount; 66- Nautical assents;