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Print Puzzle - "Itemizing" by Steve Leach on 8/31/2022
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1- Not pro; 5- Yokel; 9- Barker at the beach; 13- Ganymede, for example; 14- Suit-able material?; 15- Pedigree alternative; 16- Meara or Murray; 17- Used stationary bike, phone sales - great commissions, same day junk removal, etc.; 19- "Fargo" director; 21- Attention from the IRS; 22- Puts away; 23- Hammett's falcon; 25- Boy in Minot who wants a new bike but was caught shoplifting, girl in Tucson who wants a telescope but has stayed out past curfew a few times, etc.; 29- House of Reps. broadcaster; 30- Considering that; 35- "Let's Get ___": Marvin Gaye; 36- Flower that caused a mania in the 1600s; 38- Fever fit; 39- California wind; 41- Fertile blues source; 42- Quart of milk, 1 doz. eggs, cream of mushroom soup, etc.; 45- Cattle-catchers; 49- Membership payments; 50- Ain't, in school; 51- Speak inaccurately; 55- Ride in a hot-air balloon, swim with dolphins, visit Paris, etc.; 58- Violent outburst; 59- Double-reed instrument; 60- MD 20/20 fanciers, maybe; 61- The O in "BO"; 62- McNally partner; 63- Candid; 64- Lion's locks;
1- Key with three sharps; 2- Taboo; 3- Turntable arm; 4- Unrefined; 5- Unorthodox belief; 6- "If ___ the Zoo": Dr. Seuss; 7- Movie FX; 8- Frat party staple; 9- "Skoal!" to Stephane; 10- Leave out; 11- Orbit point; 12- Singer Lenya; 14- Mercury Seven's Carpenter; 18- Seasons eggs; 20- Lyricist Sammy, a Sinatra favorite; 23- Bar or mart opener?; 24- Right away; 25- Mark Harmon cop show; 26- "The Thin Man" pet; 27- Atop; 28- Light purple; 31- Disordered state; 32- Orange's homely relative; 33- Album selections; 34- What a cop or a con may be packing; 36- One of a batch made by the Queen of Hearts "all on a summer's day"; 37- Some, in Sonora; 40- Marble; 41- Colors; 43- The Wizard of Menlo Park; 44- Oxidizes; 45- Government Department over OSHA; 46- One of the Caribbean "ABC Islands"; 47- Intel-gathering; 48- Signed; 51- "Baby ___" (lullaby from "Dumbo"); 52- Opera set in Egypt and premiered there; 53- Jessica Rabbit, for one; 54- To be: Fr.; 56- Number of Mars' moons; 57- Back-sass;