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Print Puzzle - "Downtime" by Steve Faiella on 8/4/2022
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1- The "m" in E = mc2; 5- Revealed, as one's soul; 10- Sailboat's pole; 14- Slushy drink brand; 15- Amazon Echo Dot's voice service; 16- "Double Stuf" cookie; 17- Il ___ (Mussolini title); 18- Overly sentimental; 19- Africa's longest river; 20- Leaves in a huff, with "out"; 22- Quaker breakfasts (one variety has candy dinosaur eggs!); 24- Headache inducer; 26- Airline seat attachment; 27- Disney dwarf; 28- English assignment; 30- Global-positioning display; 33- Falcon cousin; 35- Cry said twice before "hooray!"; 36- Game tile with white dots; 38- Bones in the pelvic area; 39- Martini garnish; 41- Hang ___ (keep); 42- "___ believe this?" ("It's crazy!"); 44- Railroad unit; 45- Send overnight, for example; 46- Nanny goat's offspring; 47- Say "Welcome!" to; 49- Doc for Black Labs; 50- Coax; 51- Certain ships or boats (aptly named for how they move); 55- Noisemakers worn in dairy herds; 59- The other thing you're told to do along with grin; 60- Fencing implement; 61- Answer a Help Wanted ad; 63- Program recording device pioneer; 64- Bambi's kin; 65- Skin irritations; 66- Green vehicle, briefly; 67- Comes to a close; 68- Eyelid swellings; 69- Depend (on);
1- In the ___ of (among); 2- Like angles less than 90 degrees; 3- Burst of renewed energy; 4- "That appears to be acceptable"; 5- Deep-voiced opera guy; 6- In the style of, on a menu; 7- Car takeback, for short; 8- Yanks living abroad, for short; 9- One doesn't hold stock for long; 10- Bank contents; 11- Diva's tune; 12- Peddle; 13- Tot's little piggies; 21- Photo, for short; 23- Sandwich spread; 25- Diamond or Sedaka; 29- Nutmeg or curry; 30- Quick-cooking side dish; 31- Army insects; 32- Friend of Eeyore and Tigger; 33- Hayseed; 34- Jai ___ (ball game); 35- Primitive timepiece; 37- "I can't tell the whole story now"; 40- Big wine tanks; 43- Grotesque folklore figure; 48- Device for catching slippery fish; 49- Compete (for); 50- Uses a ride-sharing app; 52- Bottomless void; 53- Business competitor; 54- "Bedtime" reading; 55- Give up claim to; 56- Door sign during store hours; 57- Unwanted garden growth; 58- Lively for one's age; 62- Author of "To Kill a Mockingbird";