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Print Puzzle - "Super Dupers" by Barb Olson on 8/3/2022
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1- "Aw, c'mon, be ___, hey buddy?"; 5- Refinery waste; 10- Venus de ___; 14- Peer of Brahma and Vishnu; 15- "Is there no ___ this?"; 16- Electrically flexible; 17- Fraud squad's filming device?; 19- Erse speaker; 20- Pastry kin of a long john; 21- Prepare for a new picture frame; 23- Fraudster hired for quick contracts?; 28- The light of day?; 29- Tic-tac-toe win; 30- Intending to, sloppily; 31- One of a human's twenty; 34- Welcome, as the new year; 35- Fraudster's shopping aid?; 38- Suddenly snubs online; 39- Pocket-___ (inadvertent cell calls); 40- Rubio or Polo; 41- Delivery boy?; 42- Tegan and Sara, e.g.; 45- Things seen at a white sale for fraudsters?; 50- Steelhead or Arctic char; 51- City in Ukraine or Texas; 52- Saudi royal family name; 54- Shop sign hung by a work-shirking fraudster?; 57- "... blackbirds baked in ___"; 58- Recognized by others; 59- "Wrath," in a "Requiem" hymn; 60- On the ___ (healing); 61- Outdoor sale sites for drive-by deals; 62- Line pieces: Abbr.;
1- Size up; 2- Peru's Machu ___; 3- Newfoundland's southeastern peninsula; 4- Rap star Kendrick; 5- Made of gold: Sp.; 6- Time off, in mil. slang; 7- Quirky; 8- Sound system; 9- Not as willing to forgive and forget; 10- Elbow pasta concoctions; 11- Bartender's grippers; 12- The "bad" cholesterol; 13- "Crisis" mo. in Quebec, 1970; 18- Mem. of the townsfolk; 22- University at the foot of Mount Royal; 24- Create turbulence; 25- Dropped everything to please; 26- "Get ___!" (urging to act); 27- Dorothy's state: Abbr.; 31- Lost one's heart, maybe?; 32- All told; 33- Pt. of G.S.T.; 34- Johannesburg's land: Abbr.; 35- Iranian honcho, once; 36- Weakened, as patience; 37- Zest source, in cooking; 38- Yukon or Denali mfr.; 41- Words between "Muffet" and "tuffet"; 42- "Burning" yearning; 43- Let off the hook?; 44- Bumpy, bitter, green oranges; 46- Cringingly sentimental; 47- "Girded" body parts; 48- Login codes; 49- Radar O'Reilly's quaffs; 52- Sis, bro and the 'rents; 53- Wild way to go; 55- Scand. country; 56- Pass along, as email: Abbr.;