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Print Puzzle - "Feathered Friends" by Steve Leach on 8/2/2022
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1- Steve Urkel type; 6- Greasepaint sound?; 10- Confront; 14- Passion; 15- Blarney land; 16- Mathematician Turing; 17- Opposite of forte; 18- Giant mutant attackers in "Them!"; 19- Actress Russo; 20- Banking convenience; 21- Captain in "Pirates of the Caribbean"; 24- Amount owed; 25- Speaks to the crowd; 26- Lawyer in "To Kill a Mockingbird"; 31- 200 mg. of gemstone mass; 32- Mascara target; 33- Popular sandwich option; 36- Yemen's currency; 37- Small, slightly sweet cake; 39- Lout; 40- Tree that's a common street name; 41- "Hell Freezes Over," for the Eagles in '94; 42- Class dummy; 43- Musical teen idol to whom they said "Bye Bye"; 46- Giorgio of high fashion; 49- Uncomplicated; 50- Niles and Frasier's dad; 53- Performed; 56- Unproductive; 57- Hideout; 58- Remark made to the audience; 60- Walker Percy novel's "Movie" follower; 61- Province known for Spumante; 62- "Airplane!," e.g., as regarding disaster movies; 63- Singles; 64- Sound heard on a slide; 65- Type of riser;
1- Spanish snack; 2- ___ large (on a bigger scale); 3- Dutch cheese; 4- Weasley friend of Harry and Hermione; 5- Displace one's feelings onto another; 6- Breaks out in hives, say; 7- Sow sound; 8- Music and dance; 9- Call and ___, as in a gospel choir; 10- "Angel" with an iconic hairstyle; 11- Warning; 12- Birch-bark boat, maybe; 13- Long-running celebrity gossip show; 22- "Aladdin" monkey; 23- Half of McDonald's logo; 24- Face with a long hand and a short hand; 26- Farm unit; 27- Follow; 28- Streetcar, in old London; 29- Plants; 30- Writer Fleming; 33- Character created by 30-down; 34- Centers of activity; 35- At least one grows in Brooklyn; 37- Meathead, to Archie Bunker; 38- Mean dog; 39- Lay to rest; 41- Beloved "Beloved" author Morrison; 42- Affliction; 43- Feeds wedding attendees, say; 44- Honeybunch; 45- Outlaw; 46- Pal, in La Paz; 47- Hazardous gaseous element; 48- The Bobbettes' '57 top-ten hit; 51- What you get from a 20-across; 52- Bar mitzvah, for example; 53- Fashionable name; 54- 43-across, of teenyboppers; 55- Flout; 59- Health retreat;