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Print Puzzle - "Photo Shoot" by Richard Shlakman on 7/30/2022
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1- Crash sites?; 5- Successfully hitchhiked; 9- Elects; 13- Spot for a yacht; 14- Odds on black or red; 15- Inuit conveyance; 16- Stuffing stuff; 17- How to prove I met the President (var.); 19- Chicanery; 21- PC key under Insert; 22- Uses a harrow; 23- ___ mora (without delay, in Latin); 24- Bluto Blutarsky's pad (with House); 26- Fragrant climbing plant; 30- 13 at the bakery counter; 31- Excellent exemplar, for short; 32- "The ____ of the Perverse," Edgar Allen Poe short story; 33- Cloth worn by Tarzan; 34- Vegan and gluten-free, for example; 35- Sign that often glows red; 36- "The ___ of the Sixth Happiness", 1958 movie starring Ingrid Bergman; 37- Bleak and bare lands; 38- Sound accompanying pallbearers, perhaps; 39- Paltry; 41- Actor Snipes of "Blade"; 42- Liberal party?; 43- Like some resistance; 44- Form of feudal tenancy; 47- Cell with three sets of chromosomes; 50- Catches the red eye; 52- That special something; 53- Was on; 54- Peck, pint or pound; 55- "Strain at a ___ and swallow a camel"; 56- Wooden harness; 57- C notes, for short; 58- Sicilian hothead;
1- Furtive attention-getter; 2- 1989 orchard outcast; 3- Updating an analog version; 4- Item left in a doctors bathroom; 5- Consignment shop objective; 6- "I call do _____"; 7- Plead not guilty, e.g.; 8- Eschaton (with "Times"); 9- Western is one choice; 10- Carpet option; 11- Senate sponsor of the 1947 National Labor Relations Act; 12- Terrier Greyfriars Bobby's breed; 15- Pre webinar mode of sharing; 18- Farewells in France; 20- John Goodman's club affiliation in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"; 23- Emulates Babe Ruth; 24- Many a President Trump utterance; 25- Who has scored more points then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?; 26- Opposite of posh; 27- Tech spec involved in 3 down; 28- "Ratatouille" rat; 29- Suitably; 31- Kid born William H. Bonney (with "the"); 34- Sounds accompanying pallbearers, perhaps; 35- Fodder; 37- Ares or Enyo; 38- Jack, who said: "If we are to change America, we must change the United States Congress."; 40- Attribute shared by Lenin and Uncle Sam; 41- Hushes in Harrods; 43- Plant with purple flowers, also called live - forever; 44- Alter; 45- Home of 11 down; 46- City and county in Munster Province; 47- Kind of deafness; 48- Founding member of OPEC; 49- It can be hacked; 51- DFW for American;