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Print Puzzle - "Bear Market" by Steve Faiella on 7/29/2022
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1- Beau for a doe; 5- Political group; 9- Pumpkin or squash; 14- World ___ Web; 15- Constellation resembling a harp; 16- One holding a deed; 17- "___ anything for you!" (Just ask!); 18- Word on American coins; 19- Flee to wed; 20- Chinese restaurant chain with an ursine mascot; 23- Barkin and Degeneres; 24- Puppy's cry; 25- Health club; 28- Financial burden; 31- For adults, as films; 33- Like the Arctic to the Antarctic; 36- Human rights org.; 38- Favorable vote; 39- Nest egg savings plans: Abbr.; 40- Fergie's group; 45- Soaks in the tub; 46- Pickle flavoring; 47- Dazzle; 48- Famed Bosox outfielder Carl, familiarly; 50- Silverstone of "Clueless"; 55- Dan Haggerty role on 70s American TV; 58- Houston baseballer; 61- Mad, with "off"; 62- Go ___ great length (talk, talk, talk); 63- Like YouTube videos gone wild; 64- Cookie that's often pulled apart; 65- Stadium level; 66- Give off, as charm; 67- Superdeluxe Spice Girl?; 68- Palm reader, maybe;
1- Steal; 2- ___ wave (destructive water); 3- Extra (Abbr); 4- Rock with a crystal inside; 5- "Between the devil and the deep ___"; 6- Wildcat with tufted ears; 7- 'Going down ___?' (Elevator operator's query); 8- Toyota model (...and anagram of MY CAR!); 9- Gives up amateur status; 10- Birds that hoot; 11- Card game shout; 12- Workout unit; 13- Rap star Dr. ___; 21- S ___ (kind of bank)(Anagram of LAND); 22- Dodge City lawman Wyatt; 25- Begins to wake; 26- Animal welfare grp.; 27- Fruit punches; 29- Donkey sound; 30- ___ with (led on, maybe); 32- China's continent; 33- Dish that holds dinner; 34- "That hurts!"; 35- Mani-___ (nail job); 36- "Dancing Queen" quartet; 37- Lobster part; 41- Very important function; 42- "Chicago P.D." actor Morales; 43- Young sculptor's medium; 44- Fitzgerald, the First Lady of Jazz; 49- "Cheap Sunglasses" band; 51- Objects of adoration; 52- Kayak kin; 53- Mirror reflection; 54- Autumn bloomer; 55- Diploma holder, briefly; 56- Centigrade freezing point of water; 57- Majors and Remick; 58- Street sign abbr.; 59- Highest roll of a die; 60- Capote, informally;