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Print Puzzle - "At The Carnival" by Steve Faiella on 7/24/2022
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1- Mary had a little one; 5- Sidewalk edges; 10- Adidas alternative; 14- New-___ (devotee of crystals and incense); 15- Costs ___ and a leg; 16- Its capital is Muscat; 17- YouTube accompaniment to a hit song; 19- Agreement among nations; 20- Elbows or ziti; 21- Feudal workers; 23- ACLU concerns (Abbr); 26- Alphabet finale; 27- Bees (prefix); 30- Manipulate the rules to one's advantage; 35- Materialized, as a wish; 36- Jazz legend James; 37- Supreme Court justice Samuel; 38- Catch, as a criminal; 40- Morning waker-upper; 41- Seating level; 42- Not the originals; 44- Mental stimulation; 48- Ave. intersectors; 49- Gardner once married to Sinatra; 50- Canyon edge; 51- Greek island where Minos ruled; 53- More up-to-date; 58- Ethiopian princess of opera; 61- Takes advantage of a trendy or successful situation; 64- Make a sketch; 65- Religious doctrine; 66- Gave the green light to; 67- Vocalizes; 68- Outdo, informally; 69- Barbies' mates;
1- Reading light; 2- Water, in Mexico; 3- Many a teenager's room; 4- England native, for short; 5- Cleveland NBA player, familiarly; 6- Start for corn or cycle; 7- Radioactivity units; 8- Pleasant wind; 9- Campfire snacks; 10- Bursts, as a balloon; 11- "Pulp Fiction" actress Thurman; 12- Cheese partner; 13- Crumb-carrying insect; 18- "Would you ___ dance?"; 22- Tina of "30 Rock"; 24- Dungeons & Dragons co., once; 25- Astonish; 27- Add to an e-mail, as a file; 28- Ben, in Michael Jackson's hit "Ben"; 29- Muslim religious leaders; 30- Big lummox; 31- Friends south of the border; 32- Parceled (out); 33- Valentine's Day symbol; 34- Former MLB commissioner Bud; 35- ___ liver (delicacy in a butcher shop); 39- Home Depot paint brand with an ursine logo; 40- Female graduate; 43- Luau paste; 45- Quite a ways from here; 46- Carry to extremes; 47- Daily food allowance; 51- Crow's cries; 52- Barely beat, with "out"; 54- Furry creature in "Return of the Jedi"; 55- Return from dreamland; 56- It's not odd; 57- Cincinnati baseballers; 58- Classifieds; 59- Retirement acct.; 60- It breaks every morning; 62- Big bird of the outback; 63- Maple syrup base;