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Print Puzzle - "Special Oops" by Barb Olson on 7/23/2022
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1- Rush order?; 5- Lamar of the Lakers; 9- "Mean Girls" star turned bad girl; 14- Actress Ward; 15- Meteorologist's "boy"; 16- Edith's "All in the Family" friend; 17- The klutz in the coffee aisle .....; 20- Sauces that Dracula should avoid; 21- Roof rooster attachment; 22- Email address part; 23- 10,000 ___ ("Trouble Me" band); 25- Having a lot of hits, maybe; 27- The klutz at the armory .....; 31- Aries seas.; 34- ___-drama (fact-based film); 35- Milk, in Madrid; 36- Itchy fabric, for some; 38- ___ Québécois; 41- Some bout enders; 42- Topics in Motor Trend; 44- "I Never ___ Purple Cow" (kid's poem); 46- Ultrafast jet, for short; 47- The klutz at the music store .....; 51- Writing on a spine; 52- Soup kitchen vessels; 56- "Who ___?" (introspective query); 58- Some minor hockey coaches; 60- "Airplane!" star Nielsen; 61- The klutz at the Dickens book club .....; 64- Scads; 65- "Hansel and Gretel" prop; 66- Religious offshoot; 67- Fiddle bow application; 68- Phone alert activator; 69- Palm smartphone, once;
1- Tea-growing area of India; 2- Vintage-looking tone; 3- "Out Like ___" (Whitehorse song); 4- Wan; 5- Modest order at Dairy Queen; 6- Could cross off a task list; 7- As seen ___! (K-tel boast); 8- California desert; 9- Red camp at a political convention; 10- Mine find; 11- Holds preceding noogies, maybe; 12- Part of A.D.; 13- Settle into a domestic life; 18- Hot springs river of northern B.C.; 19- Children's author Blyton; 24- Grp. that spays strays; 26- Help hold up, maybe; 28- Jockey's prize; 29- Old term for electrical units; 30- "Be ___" (Melania Trump motto); 31- Item in a COVID-19 test kit; 32- Rain cats and dogs; 33- Does groundbreaking work in agriculture?; 37- Odin's adopted son; 39- "The ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip," per Churchill; 40- "If it were me, nope"; 43- Place, as on a table; 45- Word on a sign painted "rouge"; 48- The ___ Parsons Project; 49- Just out of the forge; 50- Stop; 53- Gun-toting Bugs hunter; 54- A family tree branch; 55- Sicilian sixth; 56- Way off; 57- "You've Made ___ Very Happy" (1969 hit); 59- Diskette icon; 62- Maui memento; 63- "Oedipus ___";