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Print Puzzle - "Having A Ball" by Steve Faiella on 7/20/2022
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1- Collapsed, with "in"; 6- It may be acute or obtuse; 11- Bit of hair cream, say; 14- Partner of sweet, sour, bitter and salty; 15- Less well-done, as steak; 16- Lumberjack's tool; 17- Parachuting without a plane; 19- Sardines holder; 20- Houston baseballers; 21- "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" director Lee; 22- Creme de la creme; 23- Don Juan's mother (Anagram of SINE); 25- Chinese path of enlightenment; 27- Use a phone; 30- Sunbather's tote; 36- Time in history; 37- How packages are usually overnighted; 38- Operagoer's cheer; 39- Slow, in music; 41- Lao- ___ (creator of 25A); 42- Actor John or his actor son Sean; 43- Fund, as a foundation; 44- "I can take ___!" ("Say no more!"); 46- French summer; 47- Stressed out soul; 49- "Uncle Remus" character ___ Rabbit; 50- E-mail address ending; 51- Overhanging edge of a roof; 53- Hoedown locale; 56- Athletes Cobb and Law; 59- Law that incited a 1773 Boston revolt; 63- All-Star starting pitcher; 64- Twelve-inch boat?; 66- Down in the dumps; 67- Have a quarrel; 68- The U in UHF; 69- Fam. member; 70- Back of a hit 45 record; 71- Flippered fish eaters;
1- Havana's country; 2- Latin 101 word; 3- Like the universe; 4- Lagasse of the Food Network; 5- French city known for its mustard; 6- Engage, as a security system; 7- California wine center; 8- Cheshire Cat feature; 9- Part of an area calculation; 10- Unit of work; 11- Fruit from a palm; 12- Revolving point; 13- Like a pretzel; 18- Expiration date words; 22- Crude people; 24- Airport that serves the Seattle/Tacoma area; 26- Facing the pitcher; 27- TV star, e.g.; 28- Concert venue; 29- Hits the tarmac; 31- Actress Tyler of "Archer"; 32- Trip on an ocean liner; 33- Moisten, as a lawn; 34- Digital party planning aid; 35- Nonsocial type; 37- Bent at a curtain call; 40- It'll get you a subway ride; 45- Super-duper; 48- Instructs privately; 49- Snoopy's breed; 52- The second planet; 53- "Striped" fish; 54- "Superfruit" berry; 55- Chianti and Merlot; 57- Bear or Berra; 58- Type of poker that sounds way macho; 60- Dog of Nick and Nora; 61- Hair roller result; 62- Schedule uncertainties (Abbr); 64- Detergent brand (and synonym of 45D); 65- "Men in Black" costar Tommy ___ Jones;