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Print Puzzle - "Tricky Quartet" by Gene Antonio on 7/18/2022
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1- Coalition; 5- Defeat; 10- Score in some card games; 14- Cowboy QB Tony; 15- Daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis in Greek myth; 16- Like fine wine; 17- Cheese in a red coat; 18- Ten-legged aquatic crustacean; 19- Needing guidance; 20- Corporate board member's share of profits?; 23- Large sci fi publishing co.; 24- Make possible; 28- Envision; 31- Medical test, initially; 32- Index of stocks traded on the Euronext Amsterdam; 33- Raptor plumage?; 36- Nelson's place; 37- Welcome comment following a collision; 38- Key contraction; 39- The good life; 40- Acronym for a web browser for mobile devices; 41- Cowardly New Yorker?; 45- Atomic, for one; 46- Rock you dig; 47- Compartmentalize; 48- Worn blanket; 50- Med school course; 51- Deluge?; 57- Fuel source; 60- Basic cable network; 61- Anatomical tissue; 62- D. C.'s Karl; 63- Gunpowder ingredient; 64- It can carry nuclear warheads from 6,000 to 9,000 miles; 65- River of Europe; 66- "Besides, those days were golden days, whilst these are days of ___" : Christina Rossetti; 67- Guy;
1- Partner of born; 2- City in California's Central Valley; 3- Barbra's "Funny Girl" costar; 4- Witty reply; 5- Many; 6- Isabel or Eva; 7- Acronym of non-profit org. providing shelter to the homeless; 8- It may come in a flash; 9- June Taylor's troupe; 10- Island nation; 11- How a maniac may begin?; 12- Actor Tremayne; 13- Banned insecticide; 21- "Carthage must be destroyed!" speaker; 22- Military division; 25- West African capital; 26- Flat dweller, often; 27- Limitation; 28- Miranda Lambert song: "___ a Cowboy"; 29- What a twister does; 30- Romeo was one; 31- Car model Marquis or Cougar, familiarly; 34- ___ d'Azur (French Riviera); 35- First name of Benjamin Bratt's "Law & Order" character; 39- Far from down; 41- Flag airline of Panama; 42- Hibernia; 43- They seem destined to tangle; 44- Start of an early Beatles title; 49- Looking for; 50- Quito's location; 52- Den; 53- Find absorbing; 54- It may be high or low; 55- End of a familiar palindrome; 56- Exit ___; 57- Be nosy; 58- Goddess of the dawn; 59- "___ atque vale";