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Print Puzzle - "Some Things Are Like That" by Barb Olson on 7/17/2022
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1- Chatterboxes; 9- Show utter contempt for; 15- Vancouver Island town with a "clue" in its name; 16- Like an overworked town crier; 17- It has a mob mentality?; 18- "___ is the shortest distance between two people": Victor Borge; 19- Alone: Fr.; 20- Beach find used for funky art; 22- Flub; 25- "It's ___-way street"; 26- Work crews with scalpels and sutures; 32- Letters before "F," maybe; 33- Boot camp print; 34- Does a Jimmy Carter impression; 37- '80s rocker ___ Nova; 39- Bingo dauber fill; 41- Trade sch. in Edmonton; 42- Swan constellation; 45- Article for Angela Merkel; 48- Cape Town's ctry.; 49- Once he was hot but now he's not; 52- "Deliverance" star Reynolds; 53- Logical start?; 54- With 70-Across, what 20-, 26- and 49-Across have in common; 59- Masters' followers; 63- Liechtenstein's continent; 64- Beat at the O.K. Corral; 67- Small finch; 68- Bread crust or song coda; 69- Spirited horses; 70- See 54-Across;
1- Exceptions; 2- Gym newbie's followup feeling; 3- Cordon ___; 4- Lame excuse?; 5- DeLaria of "Orange is the New Black"; 6- Ferrell Christmas flick; 7- Angus ___ Institute; 8- Mark on the Walk of Fame; 9- Given the short end of the stick; 10- When troops return home; 11- Helen's "hear me roar" hit; 12- An octet less a quintet; 13- Home of the Kon-Tiki; 14- Must-have; 21- "Ten thousand saw ___a glance": Wordsworth; 23- Wrestler Flair or rocker Ocasek; 24- Nipper's record co.; 26- Quick and detached, in mus.; 27- ABC series "___ Betty"; 28- Rippled, as a fingerprint; 29- Pierrefonds pal; 30- Self-ish sort?; 31- Horde; 35- CTV anchor LaFlamme; 36- "South Park" friend of Kyle; 38- Individually; 40- Be messing with; 43- Took over unrightfully; 44- Beat cops' workplaces; 46- Request too often, maybe; 47- Centre of vision?; 50- Datum for a pickup person; 51- ___ Grégoire Trudeau; 54- Phone nos.; 55- "Deux" cubed; 56- White-tailed eagle; 57- MGM cofounder Marcus; 58- Green moth; 60- Turned over in a bed; 61- Film lead-in to drama; 62- "... then a ___ to the right" ("The Time Warp" bit); 65- CFL 6-pointers; 66- Ball-shaped fig.;