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Print Puzzle - "Some Like It Cold" by Barb Olson on 7/13/2022
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1- Archie's "Dingbat"; 6- Passing notice; 10- Dirty pool?; 14- Long-haul trucks; 15- '80s CBC anchor Knowlton; 16- Tasting like porridge; 17- Pasta specification at a feminist retreat?; 19- CT scan alternatives; 20- Ursa equivalent, in Spain; 21- Film with Ferrell clad in green; 22- "What ___ Gotta Do" (Jonas Brothers); 23- Being awarded a black belt in karate?; 28- Common language suffix; 29- Eggy buy at Christmas; 30- Thing on the wing?; 31- Field doctor; 33- Hat, slangily; 34- "Desperate Housewives" Hatcher; 35- Vest Pops wears to cinch up his belly?; 39- River seen from the Leaning Tower; 42- "You've Got Mail" co.; 43- Quit fussing over; 47- Gives a hand in a casino; 49- "Told you!"; 51- U.K. writer's ref.; 52- Request of a distracted therapist?; 55- Motorola phone model; 56- Suffix with Caesar; 57- Pres. Zelensky's ctry.; 58- Mid-16th century year; 59- Where to conduct business "affairs"?; 63- Sinn ___ (Gaelic "us alone"); 64- Cling (onto); 65- Words of a phobic, maybe; 66- Kinnear of "As Good as It Gets"; 67- Some cameras, briefly; 68- Redgrave and Collins;
1- Early Oiler Tikkanen; 2- Remove a pet's peeves; 3- Not-so-sharp shooter's admission; 4- Hamilton CFLer, to fans; 5- Residence: Abbr.; 6- Pirate's unique feature?; 7- Rockies resort town; 8- It may follow a follower; 9- Unlikely story-ending word; 10- Group that's "struck"; 11- Pain on a plane, for some; 12- Bugs Bunny, as self-described; 13- Part of "iOS": Abbr.; 18- Bold retro design, for short; 22- Second identity inits.; 23- "To Kill a Mockingbird" brother; 24- Early Andean; 25- Comic strip "The Wizard ___"; 26- "Insta" kin, in brands; 27- ___ Lanka; 32- Being an uber fan of; 33- Twitter titter; 36- Appointment card datum; 37- Word before and after "chicka"; 38- Goldfish in "Pinocchio"; 39- "I'm waaiiting," in text lingo; 40- Call for more stock; 41- Cape Breton fiddler MacMaster; 44- He wrote of Ents and Orcs; 45- Flat item at a liquor store; 46- The Eskimos, on a scoreboard; 48- Computer monitor: Abbr.; 49- Jerks seen by neurologists; 50- Rubik of cube fame; 53- ".... ___ no!" (Meatloaf song refrain); 54- Singer/activist Sainte-Marie; 58- Factory activity: Abbr.; 59- Mass measures: Abbr.; 60- Off work, maybe; 61- Chick-___-A (food court eatery); 62- Med. soap settings, often;