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Print Puzzle - "Retro Action" by Barb Olson on 6/23/2022
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1- Unfair judgment, slangily; 7- Word before turtle or turtleneck; 11- Org. in old Super Bowls; 14- Anatomical ring of colour; 15- "Hair" do; 16- Calgary's C-Train syst., e.g.; 17- Attracted some looks; 19- One way to make eggs; 20- Gershwin musical "Let ___ Cake"; 21- Words 3 and 4 of a common palindrome; 22- Golda portrayed by Bergman; 23- Does part of a Michael Jackson dance; 26- Printer resolution fig.; 27- Like Rice Krispies with no snap, crackle or pop, maybe; 28- Talk of a murder?; 31- "Family ___" (game show revived on CBC); 35- Flower girl, perhaps; 37- Worked the griddle at IHOP; 41- Stan's slapstick sidekick; 42- "Love ___ leave ..."; 43- Bay, Wall or Oxford: Abbr.; 44- Root beer/ice cream concoction; 46- ___ Kosh B'Gosh clothing; 49- "After giving it some thought ..."; 55- Quiver-bearing Greek god; 56- Room in "la casa"; 57- ___ the side of caution; 59- Bow attachment?; 60- Tape deck feature for playing both sides; 62- Request to Sajak, maybe; 63- Big wheel in the navy?; 64- More marshy; 65- Three times, on an Rx; 66- Madrid mlle.; 67- Toyed with, as a mind;
1- Hold back, as breath; 2- Calla and jack-in-the-pulpit lilies; 3- Comedian Seguin with a trademark Québécois accent; 4- First Lady Nancy's man; 5- Handle at a brew pub; 6- Inflate, as an expense account; 7- ___ fortune (earned big); 8- Joan ___ (angsty goth on "Clone High"); 9- Fly-fishing sites; 10- ___-i-noor Diamond (Tower of London gem); 11- They're something to sneeze at?; 12- Coward, in kidspeak; 13- Astronomical distances: Abbr.; 18- Sis or bro; 22- Earvin Johnson, to sports fans; 24- Farmer in the dell's pick; 25- ___ raffle (was lucky); 28- Corp. money manager; 29- "We're in this together, team"; 30- Successful quitter's asset; 32- The Oilers, on a scoreboard; 33- Don't allow to collect dust; 34- "In excelsis ___..." (carol line); 36- >30 min.-long releases; 38- Extremely devout; 39- Fruit drawn in Art 101; 40- McDonald's mogul Ray; 45- Item for an Opium sampler; 47- Wonder on the Walk of Fame; 48- Posters on Indeed; 49- Still learning the ropes; 50- Concern for a judge or seismologist; 51- "Two L" beast in a Nash poem; 52- Otoscope target; 53- Root used in perfumes; 54- What comes after a "long time"?; 58- ___ neck (tech-user's posture); 60- Verbal eyebrow-raises; 61- Juno nominee Gryner;