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Print Puzzle - "Soapboxes" by Steve Leach on 6/15/2022
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1- Slight advantage; 5- Stones' timekeeper; 10- Upstagers; 14- Caution; 15- Freeze, as a pond; 16- On the summit, perhaps; 17- Leave on the cutting-room floor; 18- With lenience; 19- Get by; 20- "It makes you feel clean when you listen to Howard Stern!"; 22- Tendon; 23- "Take it away!" for example; 24- Kelps; 26- Badmouth; 30- Tatum O'Neal's age when she won an Oscar; 31- Like a fox; 32- "Use this to come out of your shell!"; 38- What the Queen of Hearts made on a summer's day; 41- Des'___, English pop singer; 42- Golf gimme; 43- "It'll doubly-cleanse you on your trip to West Africa!"; 46- Yalie; 47- In the manner of; 48- Watered down; 51- Got down to the altogether; 56- Genetic info carrier; 57- Shrubland; 58- "Makes you feel fresh, even if your clunker isn't!"; 63- Action represented by a U-turning arrow; 64- Alpha males; 65- Gross; 66- "The Maltese Falcon" film genre; 67- "Two mints ___!"; 68- It may be sinking or tight; 69- Speaker in Cooperstown; 70- Rat Pack hangout in Vegas; 71- Speck;
1- Wide-mouthed pitcher; 2- Arp art; 3- What this answer will help fill; 4- Draw in; 5- Least in-control; 6- Trendy berry; 7- Home state of Beyonce and Selena; 8- Material commonly seen in weddings; 9- Smiley, e.g.; 10- Esteban's estate; 11- Make up; 12- Had a hangdog expression; 13- Gushes; 21- "___ Mutual Friend"; 22- What revenge is said to be; 25- Coast opposite the Pac.; 26- Italian wine region; 27- Serb or sorb; 28- Firestarter, for short; 29- Mark replacement; 33- "The Crying Game" actor Stephen; 34- Run up a flagpole; 35- Start the bidding; 36- Synonym and anagram for evil; 37- Author Bagnold; 39- Arnold and Ames; 40- Imaginary spirit of the air; 44- Polar ice sheet; 45- Bathroom fixtures, euphemistically; 49- Travel stop; 50- Ideology lampooned in "The Producers"; 51- Divert; 52- Carreras, e.g.; 53- Partners of ulnae; 54- Benchmate of Sonia; 55- Rum, to Prohibition activists; 59- Repair; 60- Response to a canyon caller; 61- Shannon and Gasteyer bit; 62- Sort; 64- Not hers;