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Print Puzzle - "Pots and Pans" by Barb Olson on 6/12/2022
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1- N.D.P., pre-1961; 4- Slash in km/h; 7- Rt. ___ Prime Minister; 10- Jays that might catch flies: Abbr.; 13- Keenly aware of; 15- Floor stain hider, maybe; 17- Redundant-sounding transport; 18- Property loan holders; 19- Kook who gets up with the sun?; 21- In a froth, with "up"; 22- Juul, for one; 23- Name not found on a birth certificate; 25- Pitch ___ (prepare to camp); 28- ___ Day vitamins; 30- Enlisted V.I.P.; 31- Poker-faced Quasimodo?; 35- Aspirin bottle abbr.; 36- "... say, not ___ do"; 37- Hodgepodge meal I don't plan to share?; 44- "Barefoot Contessa" cook Garten; 45- Talk while staggering, maybe; 46- Take care of; 49- Word with terra; 52- Dual-count cards in blackjack; 54- Hooligan, in Brit-speak; 55- Their barks say "Buddy, can you spare some kibble?"; 59- Hamlet's homeland; 60- D-Day kind of decision; 61- Scott Joplin's genre; 62- Is better equipped at a shootout; 63- They, to Thierry; 64- It was taken on a Woodstock trip?; 65- Ultimate degree; 66- Batt. end with a protrusion;
1- "___ Falling Star" (Sela Ward film); 2- Red hue named for a wine; 3- Locked, as a gaze; 4- Hubby's quick kiss; 5- Leg of a race, in French; 6- Man-made crime fighter of film; 7- Bright headlight type; 8- "...refuse thy name; ___ thou wilt not...": Juliet; 9- "I ___ drink!"; 10- Old MacDonald's wake-up call; 11- Warmer in the basement?; 12- U.N. heads; 14- Prov. capital SW of Van.; 16- Uber picky; 20- Funny Fey; 24- Frat.'s sister grp.; 26- Like Felix but not Oscar; 27- Down Under isle: Abbr.; 29- Over-irrigated Russian sea; 32- Weekly octet in a Beatles hit; 33- Drama series "This ___"; 34- Present-worthy, to Santa; 37- Skippy rival; 38- Less than optimal; 39- Tropical wraparounds; 40- More than flattened, as the curve; 41- "Aïe!": Fr. :: ___: Eng.; 42- Walk overtop; 43- Feeling nervous anticipation; 47- Italia's Olympic city, 2006; 48- Will. Not. Move. On!; 50- Corp. ladder upper rung; 51- "... to fetch ___ water"; 53- Porky's proboscis; 56- Place for guns at the gym; 57- Accomplishes, to the Bard; 58- More than med.; 59- Moisture-inhibiting, in brands;