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Print Puzzle - "No, After You" by Steve Leach on 6/9/2022
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1- Bursts of wind; 6- Part of a wine glass; 10- Wowed; 14- Yet to be fulfilled; 15- Word with sink or swimming; 16- Prefix with byte; 17- Parkinson's treatment; 18- Purim month; 19- Machu Picchu locale; 20- Age before beauty; 23- Type of Buddhism; 24- Catch sight of; 25- Least wild; 27- Home of the University of Arizona; 30- Knee-slapper; 32- Mar. follower; 33- Mount Everest locale; 35- Anesthetic of old; 38- Needy; 40- Plum tuckered; 42- Positive; 43- Actresses Bancroft and Baxter; 45- Actress who played "Goldfinger" gold girl; 47- Nada; 48- Kagan and Verdugo; 50- Cocktail made with lime and gin; 52- "One more!"; 54- Record label of the Bee Gees and Otis Redding; 55- Bud's "Who's on First?" partner; 56- Age before beauty; 62- "___ take arms against...": "Hamlet"; 64- First female P.M. of Israel; 65- Best's replacement; 66- Two kings, e.g., in poker; 67- Out of the wind; 68- Scintillas; 69- Central German river; 70- D.C. nine, for short; 71- Regarding;
1- Persian, for one; 2- Counterclockwise-arrow icon; 3- City air pollution; 4- Plains dwellings of the past; 5- Continues employment, as a temp; 6- Shifty; 7- Type of list with chores; 8- Flair; 9- Is worthy of; 10- Guitarist's gear; 11- Age before beauty; 12- Shrek and his ilk; 13- Emaciated; 21- Sleep disorder; 22- Manuscript encl.; 26- N.Y. nine; 27- Spanish snack; 28- Atop; 29- Age before beauty; 30- Festive occasions; 31- Landed; 34- Entreaty; 36- Lake near Niagara Falls; 37- Depend; 39- Employment transfer, briefly; 41- Upper area of most maps; 44- Belgrade native; 46- Capital of Cyprus; 49- Marcus's retailer partner; 51- "The fabric of our lives"; 52- Slip away to wed; 53- U.S.-Canada air warning org.; 54- Rock also known as Uluru; 57- ___ Soul: hip-hop group; 58- Atkins or Scarsdale, e.g.; 59- UK art gallery; 60- Home of Farsi speakers; 61- Once, in the past; 63- Hockey star Bobby;