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Print Puzzle - "No Place Like Home" by Gene Antonio on 6/7/2022
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1- Thickening agent; 5- Modify; 10- Crab Key villain; 14- Perry's creator; 15- City of northern France; 16- Bio of sorts; 17- Danger to sailors; 18- Gabriel or Michael, for two; 19- Young female swine; 20- Anne Shirley lived here; 23- Stage name of singer Shareese Renee Ballard; 24- It covers 31 % of Africa; 28- "Animal House" college; 31- Thurman in movies; 34- Spring harbinger; 35- Musical direction meaning "two together"; 36- Nicholas Van Ryn's Hudson Valley estate in Anya Seton novel; 38- II; 39- Commander-in-chief of Israelite King Saul's army; 40- With 61-Across, singing group "from the streets of New York"; 41- Gotham mansion; 44- Arab ruler; 45- Relating to a bounded surface; 46- Letters from a bank; 47- Discombobulated; 48- Flowering plants with succulent leaves; 50- Gallaudet U. course; 51- English country house in Robert Altman's 2001 comedy mystery film; 57- War or garden follower; 60- Creature of Jewish folklore; 61- See 40-Across; 63- Worms, notably; 64- Squiggly mark; 65- Autocrat; 66- Friend; 67- ___ Kettering Institute; 68- Costs for loans, initially;
1- ___ Lingus airline; 2- Dharma's sitcom husband; 3- Royal or Ray; 4- Ring figure; 5- Jackson and Ladd; 6- Bat or dong preceder; 7- Water plant; 8- Commoner; 9- Revealing gestures, as by a poker player; 10- Event for boxers; 11- Baseball stat; 12- It's nothing; 13- Baseball's "Master Melvin"; 21- Mountain's end?; 22- Merit; 25- Chasms; 26- Singers Lionel or Havens; 27- Capital of Turkey; 28- Islamic law rulings; 29- Some unwanted computer programs; 30- Kept afloat; 31- Name shared by eight popes; 32- Manfred and Delbert; 33- Words before Enlightenment; 36- Stop up; 37- Hockey great Bobby; 42- Misbehaving; 43- U.S. Navy Admiral Zumwalt; 44- Site of 1996 Olympics; 47- Cleopatra's undoing; 49- Some NCOs; 50- Madison Ave. workers; 52- Thwart; 53- Credit card co. with a Platinum Mastercard; 54- Letter in a Hawthorne novel; 55- Type of file; 56- Knot on a tree trunk; 57- Mobile device for information management; 58- Suffer poor health; 59- Business card abbr.; 62- Horace's "___ Poetica";