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Print Puzzle - "Diets of the Rich and Famous" by Richard Shlakman on 6/6/2022
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1- Sci. class for college credit; 6- Space exploration org.; 10- Much alike; 14- Be vertical; 15- Ken of "Thirtysomething" or Lena of "Havana"; 16- Long-distance change of job location, for short; 17- Item in the refrigerator of a San Francisco City Council member; 19- Hertz competitor; 20- Exxon before its name change; 21- Major Japanese port; 22- It has one or two or three wheels, familiarly; 23- County, also called Brooklyn; 25- ____out (reason the baseball game was canceled); 27- "The lower court's opinion is affirmed"; 30- Govt. pollution-testing facility; 32- Stephen___, Oscar nominee for "The Crying Game"; 33- Rent; 35- Unsuitable; 38- "And live, from New York!" TV show, briefly; 39- "Excuse me for a minute" text request; 40- Summer cooler; 42- Vehicle; 43- Freud colleague who coined the term "Inferiority complex"; 45- N.W.A member portrayed by Aldus Hodge in "Straight Outta Compton"; 47- Cheer heard in a soccer stadium; 48- "That's true, but…"; 50- Where the Govt. keeps the gold; 52- Source of urge to mate, according to Freud; 54- All-out brawl; 56- Eve's second son; 57- Not here; 59- Puppy sounds; 63- Aching; 64- Best artist to cover "New York, New York"; 66- Boris Johnson's party; 67- Rubs out in mob talk; 68- Attended; 69- Terrier recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1887; 70- Feud between friends; 71- Elysian spots;
1- Eponomous tennis stadium; 2- Parents groups involved in school affairs; 3- Watering holes, as some call them; 4- Call for; 5- Poetic tribute; 6- Announcement on many Chinese restaurant menus; 7- AKAs; 8- Fabric that starts with worms; 9- Capital of Turkey; 10- Horse breed that dominates the sport of endurance racing; 11- Rasher for a "Footloose" actor; 12- Political slogan which ends "Ike"; 13- Poked (around); 18- Not here; 24- Boorish; 26- Encourage: Spanish; 27- Bear, to astronomers; 28- Awaiting further action; 29- Item in a" Monster's Ball" star's fruit bowl; 31- Bosc or Bartlett; 34- SALT treaty subjects; 36- ___Alto, California; 37- Cause of terror in "Jurassic Park", informally; 41- Stop Spot's scratching; 44- Look to be avoided if possible; 46- Happen as planned; 49- "I plan to vote against"; 51- Location of shift and enter; 52- Proves durable; 53- Former Apple laptop; 55- Accounting giant____& Young; 58- Outdated stereo set up; 60- Church part that sounds like it should be on your smartphone; 61- Make a to do list, perhaps; 62- Divisions in a tennis match; 65- Leave widemouthed;