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Print Puzzle - "Orchestral Derangement" by Barb Olson on 6/5/2022
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1- Nonsense refrain in a Beatles song; 7- Legal ruling based on prior decisions; 14- Add a little spice; 15- 100 centesimos, pre-euro; 16- In the orchestra, the ill-equipped locksmith .....; 18- Words before a grad year; 19- Son of Seth, in Genesis; 21- "The Goddess of Pop"; 22- In the orchestra, the irate commentator .......; 26- Playboy boss Hugh, for short; 27- Danson or Dekker; 28- Helen Reddy's "___ Woman"; 29- Greek letter symbolizing torque; 30- Trooper producer; 32- Rudely rebuffs; 34- In the orchestra, the fired street cop .......; 38- "Quarter after" clock number; 39- Deceitfully deprive (of); 42- ___ system (blood typing method); 45- Charged atom; 46- Speaker vol. units; 48- Uncertain ending; 49- In the orchestra, the reluctant nondrinker .....; 52- Late "Jeopardy!" host Trebek; 53- Big Turk; 54- Washed up at sea, in a way; 56- In the orchestra, the softball lobber .....; 61- Given a Juno or Oscar; 62- Masonry goo; 63- Atwood title with a feline reference; 64- Springtime meals with matzoh;
1- ___Kosh B'gosh (clothing brand); 2- Island surroundings?; 3- Soup scoop serving; 4- "___ Is Born"; 5- Dumb quotes from Homer?; 6- Existing, in Latin; 7- Touristy isle off Greece; 8- "It's ___-win situation"; 9- Red Chamber worker: Abbr.; 10- '50s film star Taina; 11- Gave a Facebook thumbs-up; 12- Retort to "Am so!"; 13- "The ___ Pilgrim" (classic prayer manual); 17- Golfer's fat-headed aid; 20- Van. sch. named for an explorer; 21- Ho ___ Minh City; 23- "Quarter to" clock number; 24- Smear with plaster or mud; 25- Sets firmly, as in concrete; 27- Twerked body part, casually; 31- Lightning zap, in "B.C." comics; 32- Female subject, at times; 33- ___ Paulo, Brazil; 35- Crushed underfoot, with "on"; 36- "... ___ big fat hen" (counting rhyme); 37- Place to go in Paris?; 40- Pre-owned Pinto, say; 41- Follow-up to pls.; 42- "I ___ Rock" (Paul Simon song); 43- Quarter Pounder's heftier cousin; 44- Ontario G.M. factory city, till 2019; 46- "Hi and Lois" canine; 47- Noted lullaby composer; 50- Peace Nobelist Anwar; 51- Overturned record, maybe; 52- "I'm Like ___" (Nelly Furtado hit); 55- Letters on a men's lodge; 57- Ambulance destinations, for short; 58- Ending with Gator or hater; 59- Attention-seeker's word?; 60- Time sheet figs.;