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Print Puzzle - "Cooks' Tour" by Steve Leach on 6/2/2022
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1- Rand McNally publication; 6- Tirade; 10- Egg on; 14- Bamboo morsel; 15- Irish "Queen of New Age"; 16- The 411; 17- Rickles go-to insult; 19- Score too high on a Breathalyzer test; 20- Big laugh; 21- Opposite of hor.; 22- Complete; 24- Storage structure; 25- Took the wheel; 26- Medium oft-used by Degas; 29- "Love" or "lesbian"; 30- "The Time Machine" species; 31- Woodwind instrument; 33- Earthy pigment; 37- Ring; 38- Guy in a striped shirt who's always lost in books?; 40- Frost; 41- Genuflected; 43- Dale; 44- Tiny bit; 45- Aviator Post; 47- Mekong and Mississippi; 49- Werther's specialty; 52- Sell; 53- Marbles; 54- Flaky mineral; 55- Burlesque dancer's costume piece; 58- Wise one; 59- Feared pirate born Edward Teach; 62- Level; 63- Eldest of Chekhov's "Three Sisters"; 64- Used a surgical beam; 65- They may be justified by the means; 66- Reminder of an operation, maybe; 67- Cultural values;
1- Pale; 2- You, Biblically; 3- Hair memento; 4- Hunky-dory; 5- Wonder of music; 6- Copy; 7- "Sometimes you feel like ___" (candy jingle); 8- Most populous U.S. city; 9- Have an affinity for; 10- Precocious kid; 11- Broadcasting; 12- Blazing; 13- Parceled; 18- Second-longest Chinese river; 23- Alleged arsonist of the Great Fire of Rome; 24- They are sometimes said to run deep; 25- Ingmar Bergman, for example; 26- Fourth of a bushel; 27- Mathematician Turing; 28- Lone; 29- English sucker; 32- Bread that's boiled, then baked; 34- Owl call; 35- Pro ___; 36- Prohibition and Progressive, e.g.; 39- Up next, in baseball; 42- Along with tide, according to Chaucer, it waits "for no man"; 46- Greek island that was home to Sappho; 48- Allow; 49- Social division; 50- Once more; 51- Seethed; 52- Parish priest; 54- Red-cap slogan, in brief; 55- Shindig; 56- Sandwich cookie; 57- Carries tens, maybe; 60- Inc. relative; 61- What those named at the ends of 17-across, 59-across, 10-down, and 24-down may make you want to do;