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Print Puzzle - "Oh, Dear!" by Barb Olson on 5/30/2022
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1- ___-1701 ("Star Trek" vehicle); 4- Wheelchair accessibility aids; 9- To the rear, to the rear admiral; 14- Third word of "God Save the Queen"; 15- Henry Ford's son; 16- Synagogue platforms; 17- T.T.C. subway stop; 18- California setting of "Three's Company"; 20- Common cow names; 22- McDonald's Quarter ___; 23- Saint celebrated on June 24; 26- Britney Spears song title word; 27- Pub. with an esteemed crossword; 28- B.C.'s St. James and St. John; 29- Farming student's deg.; 30- Whole whack; 32- T.O. fair dubbed "the Ex"; 34- Roving reporter, perhaps; 39- Harrison of "My Fair Lady"; 40- Doozy of a tale; 41- Pressurized fuel, for short; 43- Spanish letter after "ka"; 45- Who "saw that it was good"; 46- It ties up the score?; 47- Film billed as "the most terrifying motion picture ever created", 1936; 52- Mistake maker; 53- Eclair-shaped; 54- Wand-wielding girl on "Sesame Street"; 57- Org. with a yellow-bordered magazine; 58- "Take ___ at my girlfriend" (Supertramp lyric); 59- Elba, but not the island; 60- New Year fete in Hanoi; 61- They offer fare prices; 62- Big name in trendy dining; 63- Man-mouse middle;
1- Bridge repairs, maybe?; 2- Go wild for a change; 3- Pal's place, for a couch surfer; 4- What a flashing clock needs; 5- Sprinkling, in recipes; 6- Pioneering ISP; 7- Resident in 57% of Canadian homes; 8- Attempt to swat; 9- Give or take; 10- Affleck & Lopez, in fan mags; 11- In the thick of; 12- Diamond surfaces; 13- Ivan the Terrible, e.g.; 19- A swabby's might hit the deck; 21- Entrances; 24- Min. of Natural Resources concern; 25- Via; 30- ___ Anne (Man. town on the Seine); 31- Kosher topping; 32- 3-in-1 cleanser; 33- N in old radio lingo; 35- Words before "loud and clear"; 36- "Et voilĂ !"; 37- Snatch and clutch closely; 38- Put in peril; 42- ___ rap ('90s hiphop); 43- Atwood book "The ___ Woman"; 44- Capital of Portugal; 45- "Mr. Hockey" Howe; 46- CM halved; 48- Massive engagement rings, slangily; 49- Parliamentary pro; 50- Exxon's partner company; 51- Cavernous chasm; 52- Address with an apostrophe; 55- Mute girl in "The Piano"; 56- "I'm c-cold";