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Print Puzzle - "Mother of Plural" by Barb Olson on 5/24/2022
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1- One with a burning desire, for short?; 5- Admit guilt, with "up"; 9- Grand canyon; 14- Start to many a Christmas letter; 16- Done in, à la Shakespeare; 17- Lacking flavour; 18- Somewhat casually?; 19- Airport info, briefly; 20- He played Ted Knight's boss; 22- Attended; 25- Absolutely necessary; 27- "___ man of my word"; 28- ___ of Citizenship (new Canadian's vow); 30- Melting "rocks"; 31- "Andrea ___ Sarto" (Browning); 32- Thumbs-in-suspenders walk; 34- Birds often seen on seashores and in crossword puzzles; 38- Webzine; 40- Like some dorms and divorces; 42- ___-Flush (bathroom brand); 43- Sarcastic "Good thinking, Einstein"; 45- Herringlike fishes; 47- Chinese Chairman; 48- Fair hirer, in a classified: Abbr.; 50- Gaelic language; 51- Big bird on a farm; 52- Filthy jokes and a foul tongue, e.g.; 56- CBC Radio's "The World ___" (newscast); 58- Light cigarette ad claim; 59- 35mm camera, initially; 60- "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? "playwright; 61- Lamb, Bacon and many bloggers; 67- Raises children; 68- Expert in language and writing; 69- Pluralizes nouns, typically ... or fills the circles with this puzzle's featured letter; 70- Gas logo with red letters in a blue oval; 71- Eye sore;
1- Clock setting in B.C.; 2- House of Commons "pro"; 3- "That's ___ in 'Robert'"; 4- "Coffee ___?" (after dinner option); 5- Part of a "Deck the Halls" refrain; 6- Ending with acetyl- or ethyl-; 7- Toronto's King and Queen: Abbr.; 8- Donation solicitor's mail encls.; 9- With a suspicious look; 10- Results of hard work, on hands; 11- Greek-born New Age composer; 12- Favourite part of a platter?; 13- Bulldog's "back off!"; 15- Brief disputes; 21- Roman gods; 22- Make a two-lane into a four-lane; 23- Send ___ (advise office staff); 24- Course for vegetarians?; 25- Les ___ humains (human beings, in French); 26- Silences, as movie-goers; 29- Bread box?; 33- Russian rulers, once; 35- Things to decide on for newborns; 36- As a friend, to the French; 37- ___ Lookout (Northwestern Ontario town); 39- Twenty Questions players; 41- Gains for a Grey Cup hopeful: Abbr.; 44- Party girl?; 46- Certain mattresses; 49- Bambi's caretaker after his mom dies; 52- Canadian summer/winter Olympian Hughes; 53- Took command again; 54- Equally awful; 55- "Sweet Savior Bless Us ___ Go" (Faber hymn); 57- Adorns the Christmas tree; 59- ___-masochist; 62- "Help!", at sea; 63- CPP recipients: Abbr.; 64- Cover one's butt, in a way; 65- Comm. device for the deaf; 66- Female subject;