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Print Puzzle - "Keep It Clean" by Barb Olson on 5/14/2022
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1- Indigenous peoples of Labrador; 5- Wife of Jacob in Genesis; 9- Slews; 14- Barely perceptible trace; 16- Upper ankle bone; 17- Cleaner's job at the bank?; 19- Beyond buffoonish; 20- Poor driving record?; 21- "You are not!" comeback; 24- White elephants, say; 26- Cleaner's job at the golf course?; 30- Like this clue's dir.; 31- Dew Drop or Welcome; 32- Skinny Energizer; 34- Cleaner's job at the grow-op?; 39- Raffle ticket receptacle; 40- Twentysomething's "toots"; 41- Queen's Park gallery in T.O.; 44- Cleaner's job at the armory?; 49- Crushes underfoot; 52- Necklace clasp areas; 53- Knight's helmet border; 54- Hubby's other half, among the guys; 58- Cleaner's job at the computer store?; 63- ___ own time (when we choose); 64- Alternative to soup or fries; 65- FaceTime competitor; 66- Sisters of "Madre"; 67- They're under the table;
1- Religion suffix, often; 2- Certain mil. recruit; 3- Palindromic diarist Anaïs; 4- Something's-not-right feeling; 5- Reinhart who plays Betty on "Riverdale"; 6- Joi de vivre; 7- His, to Huguette; 8- "___ and her Sisters" (Woody Allen film); 9- Sault ___. Marie, Ont.; 10- Preppy sweater, stereotypically; 11- As if from another planet; 12- "Couldn't tell ya"; 13- Mid-ranking R.C.M.P.s; 15- Ian or Sylvia, of Ian & Sylvia; 18- Schwartz's in Montreal, for one; 21- "Hometown Proud" market; 22- "C" shape; 23- Concert table swag; 25- ___ B'rith (Jewish society); 27- Reddi ___ (dessert topping); 28- It might prolong a sentence; 29- Gives the cold shoulder; 33- "Get ___!" (words to a panicker); 35- Increased; 36- Inventor who gave us a lift; 37- Dated; 38- Stand for a long drive; 42- Big number on a sports fan's finger; 43- Sporty Brit. two-seaters; 45- Jordanian queen; 46- Join forces?; 47- "The ___ near"; 48- Online checkout option; 49- Artsy area of New York and London; 50- Valium, say, in '70s lingo; 51- Youngest Jetson boy; 55- Ovid's 507; 56- ___ double life (was a spy, say); 57- Wows; 59- Dr. of rap; 60- ___ d'Anticosti, Gulf of St. Lawrence; 61- "Remind" repeatedly; 62- Part of G.S.T.: Abbr.;