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Print Puzzle - "Eight Clues" by Gene Antonio on 5/10/2022
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1- Workout woe; 5- Try to make a point; 10- Lithuanian or Latvian; 14- Theatre magnate Marcus; 15- Greek letters; 16- Declare openly; 17- Gossip, or tabloid items about a famous British comic?; 19- Skirt style; 20- Message letters; 21- Important period; 22- He wrote "An Enemy of the People"; 23- Auto racing advantages, or jobs for East Europeans?; 28- Medical term meaning "opening"; 30- Shot at a bar; 31- Grouping; 32- Flexible; 36- East Germanic tribe member; 37- Hero of epic poem "The Argonautica"; 39- By and by; 41- Many a pre-Revolution Russian; 43- Homonym for Man; 44- Start; 46- Indirectly insulting; 47- Graduation photos, or art class projects?; 52- Sticks; 53- Center of familiar palindrome; 54- Crowd in Rome?; 57- Scottish name for Scotland; 58- Pit viper, or police chief?; 62- Mrs. Sprat never touched it; 63- Of bees; 64- Start of Boy Scout Oath; 65- Goes wrong; 66- Pasta choice; 67- School orgs.;
1- Arabic letter; 2- Jack Kerouac's "Visions of ___"; 3- Landing spots; 4- Ovine; 5- It's blue; 6- Lays out a new pattern; 7- Trend-setting Pontiac; 8- Short-lived Mideast sovereign state; 9- Lion follower?; 10- 1942 Disney film; 11- Dispatch boat; 12- Thick woolen cloth; 13- Shane and Sia Barbi, famously; 18- Type of race; 22- Gomez Addams's cousin and namesakes; 24- City called the "Gateway to the West"; 25- Ballroom dance of early 20th century; 26- Stag, in a sense; 27- Shiraz's location; 28- Droop; 29- Turkey or fox follower; 33- Corrupt; 34- Refusing refusal; 35- It's common; 37- Beings of Arabic myth; 38- Aide: abbr.; 40- Word used with names; 42- Some does; 43- Actor who spun off from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"; 45- Heavy boring tool; 47- One may work for it; 48- Old German coin; 49- Set free; 50- College suits; 51- Female name derived from Greek word for "peace"; 55- Hinduism's seventh avatar of Vishnu; 56- Ice cream brand; 58- Crown; 59- "I ___ so!" : Eliza Doolittle; 60- Alley item; 61- Dance;