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Print Puzzle - "Job Sharing" by Barb Olson on 5/9/2022
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1- Toothy reptiles, for short; 6- "He ___ changed a bit"; 11- Identifying as one's given gender; 14- Library division; 15- "... woman who lived in ___"; 16- AC/DC record label; 17- Gag app for suds drinkers; 18- Courtroom judge?; 20- Felon-on-the-loose alerts; 22- Yiddish "yuck!"; 23- Chow; 24- Polygraph technician?; 28- "The Sopranos" fiancee who gets offed; 29- Brand prefix with Cat or Cone; 30- Spinks in the ring; 31- Mary and Joseph's first choice; 33- Test type you do with buds; 38- Fishing tour guide?; 42- Surname of a certain crossword creator :); 43- Van. summer fair; 44- Place to hang one's sombrero?; 45- Oil extract from marijuana; 48- Globes but not atlases; 50- Marine biologist?; 53- Joe Biden's late son; 55- "You're oversharing, pal"; 56- "The Bells ___ Mary's"; 57- Staffing manager, at times?; 60- Stymies, as a scheme; 63- Monastery address; 64- Cervantes' title; 65- Bombeck's "Aunt ___ Cope Book"; 66- Red Chamber mem.; 67- A black cat named Lucky, for example; 68- Purple-haired people, say;
1- "Avatar" technology: Abbr.; 2- Yank's foe in the Civil War; 3- Reply to "What was your first clue?", maybe; 4- Entered on tiptoe; 5- Neighbour of Croatia; 6- Leaf's longtime hockey rival; 7- At ___ distance (2 m apart, perhaps); 8- Mean guitar riffs; 9- Reply to "S'appenin'?", maybe; 10- Pipe splitting joint; 11- Roofing shakes wood; 12- "How ___ Your Mother"; 13- Vintage letter opener?; 19- New-sounding role for Keanu; 21- ___-law (relative); 24- Actress Edie of "Nurse Jackie"; 25- Perfectionist's aim; 26- Da ___ (port of Vietnam); 27- Piece of carry-on; 32- Party letters on an orange sign; 34- Helper in a heist; 35- PVR setting datum; 36- "... giftie gie us, ___ oursels as ithers ...": Burns; 37- Shake an Etch A Sketch; 39- Move (ahead) slowly; 40- The "I" of CNIB: Abbr.; 41- Printing dupe; 46- "Oh, poo!", to Pooh; 47- Brand logo on a pizza box; 49- Played the Big Bad Wolf, at times; 50- It's a wrap; 51- Stick you might sink with; 52- Use as a bed; 53- Totes tight pals; 54- James Joyce's homeland; 58- Long-running crime series; 59- Overdo the tanning; 61- "Knot's Landing" actress Park Lincoln; 62- Sound from Kipling's Kaa;