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Print Puzzle - "Jest for Fun" by Barb Olson on 5/4/2022
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1- Hurt one's toe; 5- All-time tallest NHL player Zdeno ___; 10- "Highway to Hell" rockers; 14- "___ only known!"; 15- Lindsay of "Mean Girls"; 16- Gun sound in the funnies; 17- Wraps up; 18- Council group with a wry sense of humour?; 20- Hot looker; 22- "Two eggs over easy on multigrain," e.g.; 23- Milton poem about spoofs that have gone missing?; 26- Crime investigator, slangily; 27- Their unofficial anthem is "Waltzing Matilda"; 31- "Head" in Italian; 34- Min. concerned with the 3 Rs; 36- Maple syrup, essentially; 37- Aptly named comedy sketch show?; 41- High-kite connector; 42- Coming soon, in poesy; 43- Took to the cleaners; 44- Yachter's meet; 47- Roseanne's sitcom mom; 48- Absurd humour that makes fun of wickedness?; 54- "I Kissed ___" (Katy Perry hit); 57- Place for a boot on a barstool; 58- Funny collars for Fido?; 61- ___ -a-brac (knickknacks); 62- Loonies but not toonies; 63- Parcel out; 64- Fjord city; 65- "___ right" (skeptic's comment); 66- Submissions to CBC's "Go Public"; 67- Make oneself heard;
1- Rocky Mountain bighorns; 2- Country music's Tucker; 3- Bag of milk?; 4- Crispy Italian cookies; 5- Flu shot locale; 6- Large crowd; 7- Calls from a ship; 8- Was smeared by tears, as mascara; 9- No matter which; 10- Scrubs, as a space launch; 11- Sporting, with "in"; 12- Maker of Maple Leaf Cookies; 13- Chris Hadfield's ISS title; 19- Be a bad friend, in a way; 21- "Be ___ and fetch my slippers ..."; 24- Response to an excellent pun; 25- Response to a terrible pun; 28- Egyptian goddess who married her brother; 29- Christmas lights site; 30- Floored it; 31- Hermitage honcho; 32- Extract delicately, with "out"; 33- Guy bash; 34- Massive computer of the '40s; 35- Get down and dirty, maybe?; 38- ___'acte (interlude); 39- It's a ripoff; 40- Calgary band that sang "Turn Me Loose"; 45- From the beginning; 46- Soft rock?; 47- Helps climb a tree; 49- Submit to the CRA, modern-style; 50- "___ a gun!"; 51- Lamb's lines; 52- Misses work, perhaps; 53- Maj.'s superior; 54- "... thing of beauty is ___ forever": Keats; 55- Out the door; 56- Company named for its founder, his farm and his hometown; 59- Bell Centre home player, for short; 60- It might be drunk in a bar;