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Print Puzzle - "Changing Names" by Gene Antonio on 4/30/2022
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1- Prohibit: Spanish; 6- Gasonades; 11- Small or pan follower; 14- Evergreen shrub; 15- Post-W.W. II conference site; 16- ___ Vegas; 17- Name Mary Ann Evans is known by; 19- Fin's mug; 20- Breed called the "King of Terriers"; 21- Where actors take the stage; 23- Dominican baseball great Sammy; 24- Type of snow; 26- Civil rights org.; 29- Birth name of basketball great famous for his "sky hook" shot; 34- Way to fish; 36- When doubled it's a mistake; 37- Weird: variant; 38- First name in dishing the dirt; 39- Muscles galore; 41- Scottish name for Scotland; 42- Banned plant growth regulator; 43- Several Sinbad the Sailor tales contain one; 44- Basketball great Hayes nicknamed "The Big E"; 45- Actor Louis Burton Linley, Jr.'s comical-sounding stage name; 49- SF extras; 50- A representation of one appears on the cap badge of Welsh Guards; 51- Present mos.?; 53- Disgusts through excess; 56- Creamy Dutch liqueur; 60- Kind of saw; 61- Birth name of suave, British-American leading man; 64- I; 65- Shout originally from Australia; 66- First name in sharpshooters; 67- Indite; 68- Wheels controlling ships' rudders; 69- ___ Northgate: vehicle rental co. founded in 1897;
1- Lyra's brightest star; 2- "...___ saw Elba"; 3- French fashion house; 4- "Green ___"; 5- Cat breed; 6- Rule adopted by an organization, as a club; 7- Abnormal respiratory sound; 8- Ring great; 9- Pontiac letters; 10- Spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism; 11- Word with broke or tax; 12- Leafy vegetable; 13- River of Europe; 18- Effortlessness; 22- Temper by heating, as glass; 24- Property of rivers; 25- Symbol; 26- Razor names; 27- Whimsical; 28- Hawaiian island; 30- By surprise; 31- Examine in detail; 32- Move like Mercury; 33- Hollywood's Irene and Meg; 35- How one likes to be greeted; 39- It's similar to Camembert; 40- Music genre; 44- Ocean fish also called Snake Mackerel; 46- Passover; 47- Albert and Arnold; 48- Granular glacial snow; 52- Part in "Othello"; 53- Trim; 54- "What's My ___?"; 55- Tournament type; 56- Attention getter; 57- ___ E: basic cable network; 58- Etching need; 59- ".... I ___ wed"; 62- Spawn; 63- Mountain gap;