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Print Puzzle - "It's Questionable" by Barb Olson on 4/29/2022
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1- Tuba lugger's class; 5- Cremains, e.g.; 10- Hacker's language in which E is 3; 14- Scandinavian Zeus; 15- Canadian social activist Klein; 16- Disney girl with ice powers; 17- *"Miss Saigon" duet with Kim and Chris; 19- Portage crosser in Winnipeg; 20- Handle; 21- Volleyball play before a spike; 22- Mah-___ (tile game); 23- 4-month university stretch; 25- *"Sort of but sort of not"; 27- Force to deal with; 30- Movie dancer Charisse; 31- *10-digit display on a keypad; 36- "Scoot!"; 37- Words before pickle or jam; 38- Circle's lack; 40- *What to write in a simple dear John letter; 47- Grp. of heat lovers?; 48- Vaulted vestibules; 49- *The whole gamut; 54- "I ___ even" ("No words"); 55- Headline sum-up; 56- Bouquet-bearing "Mercury Man" co.; 58- Don't bother; 61- Abbrs. after corp. names; 62- Spooky object of questioning that bears the answers to the starred clues; 64- "Hey, look ___" (much-memed Paul Rudd comment); 65- Scads; 66- Cinematic beekeeper; 67- Not at all well-done; 68- Ever-evolving Facebook lists; 69- One way to spell a Russian ruler;
1- Corporate ladder top rung; 2- In tandem, in music; 3- Queen Elizabeth's birthday in 2016; 4- It might answer the question "Who's your daddy?"; 5- "Go on"; 6- Singers Roberts and Cooke; 7- "Pish posh!"; 8- Be a hammy Hamlet; 9- ID on a T4 slip; 10- Parisian daily read; 11- Savannah antelope; 12- Give an inkless autograph; 13- "Last ___ in Paris" (steamy Brando flick); 18- "We the ___" (Toronto Raptors slogan); 22- Beyoncé's babe; 24- Rabat's ctry.; 26- T.A.'s workplace; 27- A boozer might wake up in it; 28- "Already started!"; 29- Sombre drama genre; 32- 5-Down in German; 33- Lady in "A Star is Born"; 34- Debating comebacks; 35- Suffix with syn- and hom-; 39- Dollard-___-Ormeaux, Que.; 41- As a mob; 42- Prepare for opening day?; 43- Muesli morsel; 44- Without an Rx; 45- "Recharge your smile" sloganeer; 46- Skip the dishes, but not with SkipTheDishes; 49- Tuck of Sherwood Forest; 50- Lead-in to cop or car; 51- Pop into mind; 52- Coming in handy; 53- One of two Scrabble 10-pointers; 57- Provided the music for; 59- La ___ Tar Pits, California; 60- River or dam in Germany; 62- Two-left-feet type; 63- Cute responses?;