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Print Puzzle - "It's Been Postponed" by Barb Olson on 4/23/2022
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1- "Northern" lake fish; 5- ___ profundo; 10- Video game people?; 14- Feminine ones in Qu├ębec; 15- Irish actor Milo; 16- Stick in one's ___ (aggravate); 17- They bring 24-Across, after a postponement?; 19- Lead-in to "viction"; 20- Rockies unit: Abbr.; 21- Big name at the arcade; 22- Literary patchwork of quotes; 23- Ranch extension?; 24- See 17-Across; 26- Unleash, as a tirade; 28- "Huh, that so?"; 29- "I can't ___ way around this"; 30- Site of Christopher Columbus' house; 33- Sub sought by Jack Ryan, after a postponement?; 38- Stick a new price on; 39- "Phooey," in a Schulz strip; 42- Ransom demander, maybe; 46- Like a wetland; 48- Day to "beware," after a postponement; 52- Offering to a signatory; 53- Managed, despite all; 54- "Check at Information"; 55- Suffix with gran- or glob-; 56- Word with "while," once; 57- Johnny Cash's wife, after a postponement?; 59- Some Blue Jays stats; 60- Vowel quintet; 61- Corner-to-corner meas.; 62- Prefix meaning "bone"; 63- ___ and the same (equals); 64- Skydiggers frontman Maize;
1- Lays a thumping on; 2- Where "k-i-s-s-i-n-g" takes place; 3- Big talker at a convention; 4- Difficult letter for Daffy Duck; 5- Prepare to work, as a computer; 6- Dam on the Nile; 7- Kipling's ___ Khan ("Tiger King"); 8- Times New Roman letter doodad; 9- Retiree's gov't. income; 10- A little kooky; 11- Ankle-strapped sandal with a woman's name; 12- Words to live by; 13- Word branded as Nike's symbol; 18- Mecca trekker; 22- Roomie; 25- Rug making apparatus; 27- Former Liberal politician Bob; 30- Didn't need explained; 31- Gabor or Cassidy; 32- Flat end of a Duracell: Abbr.; 34- Edwin in a Dickens mystery; 35- Soft ball brand; 36- Be human, per Pope; 37- "Russia's greatest love machine," in a Boney M hit; 40- You get it out to get it, in a race; 41- Collaboration benefit; 42- Roman orator dubbed "Tully"; 43- Totes cute; 44- Colas once marketed as digestion aids; 45- Bantu word meaning "fly"; 46- Snooker slipup; 47- ___-Seltzer; 49- Chills-and-fever spells; 50- Salk's vaccine target; 51- Soft synthetic fabric; 57- Rodriguez of TV's "Queer Eye"; 58- Vitamin label abbr.;