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Print Puzzle - "I'll Never Tell" by Barb Olson on 4/20/2022
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1- Turkish elders; 6- When doubled, 8-Down; 10- Count in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"; 14- French box, or bistro; 15- "... against ___ of troubles": Hamlet; 16- Lites-out time?; 17- Flummox; 18- With no uncertainty; 20- Favouring in a fight, with "with"; 22- Dry-sounding deodorant; 23- Adjust for balance; 25- Squeezes through to enter; 29- Musical Mangan; 30- Don't deny, as wrongdoing; 32- All-caps pricey shirtmaker; 33- "Wallpaper" topic; 35- Three-Rs subj.; 36- Treat news discreetly ... and, literally, what you do six times when solving this puzzle; 40- Where wreckers can make a haul; 41- Cursor controller; 42- ___ No More movement; 43- Tom Connors' signature move; 45- Be picky?; 48- Typically; 50- "The Last ___" (Tom Cruise blockbuster); 53- Travis with a twang; 55- Veiled; 56- Oskar played by Liam Neeson, 1993; 60- "Sunshine on ___" (The Proclaimers hit); 61- Farm hand?; 62- Slick, sleek swimmers; 63- Soup scoop; 64- ___ Crap (B.C.-based cereal brand); 65- Part of iOS: Abbr.; 66- Does in, as a dragon;
1- Knocked down a peg or two; 2- Lady who barely rode a horse?; 3- Closeted; 4- Music festival town in B.C.'s north; 5- "___ Evil" (movie also called "Blind Terror"); 6- Scammed; 7- "I could ___ little help over here"; 8- Under wraps; 9- Mohawk or mullet; 10- Social distance between acquaintances, it is said; 11- Piece of Tupperware; 12- It's crossed to go abroad: Abbr.; 13- Tina who wrote "Bossypants"; 19- Get down and dirty, maybe; 21- Big name in luxury leather; 24- Trike horn sound; 26- Dialogue opener, in novels; 27- Global: Abbr.; 28- Unspecified, as a math power; 31- ___ code (discount access); 33- Strip of official license; 34- Tenth book of the N.T.; 35- "Now I see" utterances; 36- Baby butters; 37- "..., ___ tĂȘte, Alouette, ..."; 38- French names; 39- Murdered rapper Shakur; 40- Meas. across a circle; 43- Trombone parts; 44- Red Rose or Lipton rival; 45- Tater tots brand; 46- Not entirely; 47- Allotments to the church; 49- Keats' Grecian subject; 51- Gangsters' gals; 52- Relating to an eye layer; 54- Contact nos.; 56- Sound advice to a confidant?; 57- Lovebird's warble; 58- Fri. or Mon. of a long weekend; 59- Last of first?;