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Print Puzzle - "Holed It!" by Barb Olson on 4/17/2022
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1- Prov. parliamentarian; 4- Singers Pat and Debby; 10- "... ___ a puddy tat!"; 14- They may be checked at the door; 15- Not geared to drive, maybe; 16- "Don't use that ___ with me, young lady!"; 17- Executed flawlessly; 19- Warm up with a pair of gloves?; 20- Flat tire replacements; 21- "Last one ___ a rotten egg!"; 23- Big, on a T-shirt tag; 24- Long-snouted swine kin; 25- Setting for Anne Shirley's adventures; 27- Avoid partaking of; 29- "The joke's ___!"; 32- Do the math, in a way; 35- ___ in "Oscar"; 36- Study for a test; 37- Veggies in certain cakes; 40- Pulls away; 41- They're given marching orders; 42- Brewer's vessel; 43- Two cents, so to speak; 44- 14 pounds, to a Brit; 45- Verbal sparring match in political campaigns; 48- Frees from duty or guilt; 50- Eaten-up-inside feeling; 54- News letters?; 56- "Rule Britannia" composer; 57- "Catch ya later"; 58- "Phew, it's an ___ in here!"; 60- Golfer's "bogey," and what appears seven times in this puzzle; 62- Bassoonist's breather; 63- Sentence analyst; 64- Basics of education, initially; 65- Boasters' suffixes, often; 66- Estimate, as damage; 67- Green-lights, for short;
1- In the ___ of (centred among); 2- Parkinson's disease drug; 3- "Easy peasy!"; 4- Bad dogs, at times; 5- Some of Sean Lennon's relatives; 6- Gretel's grandpa; 7- Lifelong residents; 8- Till this time, in verse; 9- Knitter's ball; 10- Rule-breaking possessive, apostrophe-wise; 11- Icings on the cakes, say; 12- Rated for trade, e.g.: Abbr.; 13- Aren't anymore; 18- Lake near Ontario's Elgin County; 22- One-masted sailboat; 25- Cries when the light goes on; 26- Sicilian summer destination; 28- Barracks beds; 30- Put ___ fire; 31- "___-daisy!"; 32- Play parts; 33- Pub projectile; 34- Least robust looking, as a plant; 36- Alpha follower; 38- Ambrose in Harper's cabinet; 39- "Madama Butterfly", for one; 40- Adjusts makeup, with "at"; 42- Particle board fa├žades; 45- "Prima" people in 39-Downs; 46- Some whip snappers; 47- Civil worker?: Abbr.; 49- Words before hint or line; 51- Choose pay-for-play; 52- Sarcastic digs; 53- Yuk. and Nun., e.g.; 54- "Heads up, golfers!"; 55- Cosmetician Saint Laurent; 57- St. ___ skin care brand; 59- P.M. hours, in classifieds; 61- Verb ending?;