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Print Puzzle - "Hippie Days" by Barb Olson on 4/13/2022
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1- Hospital wings; 6- Stack of papers; 11- "Rosemary's Baby" writer Levin; 14- Spring ___ (need patching); 15- See 48-Across; 16- Shelve for good; 17- Earthenware maker of the late '60s?; 19- Tree ring indicator; 20- Ireland's ___ Fein; 21- She might have a little lamb; 22- Visually ho-hum; 24- Skin doctor's prefix; 26- Crowned, as a pageant winner; 29- Flower child's favourite breakfast?; 31- Like a toy race car track; 33- Prefix seen at a protest, often; 34- Leave a bad mark; 35- Princess Patricia's, for one: Abbr.; 36- Like a C: Abbr.; 37- Cream ___ (red pop); 38- Label on British LPs; 39- Miss in Matane: Abbr.; 41- "Close but no cigar"; 43- Revered bit of jewellery at Woodstock?; 46- Leaning letters; 47- Veet rival; 48- With 15-Across, ASAP; 49- Super finish?; 50- Catch, as a mouse; 54- Miracle-___ (garden brand); 56- "The sniffles" in a shared living society?; 59- Whitehorse's Terr.; 60- Equally large; 61- Dreaded one?; 62- Married 39-Across; 63- Opposite of o'er; 64- Vicinities;
1- Wail calls?; 2- Jai ___; 3- Tie at the Calgary Stampede; 4- Most astounding, put mildly; 5- It's big in Saskatchewan; 6- "I need proof"; 7- "Don't ___ me because I'm beautiful"; 8- Opposite of "ouest"; 9- Grovelled; 10- Snazzy Italian auto; 11- Grouchy; 12- Tamper with, as elections; 13- Firefighter's tool; 18- Poet ___ Bysshe Shelley; 23- "Exodus" hero; 25- Finish a fast; 26- Half a hot dog picker-upper; 27- "Holy jeepers!"; 28- Rid of rodents; 29- Dicey sales offer; 30- Retired NHLer Bure, nicknamed "The Russian Rocket"; 31- Fountain in Rome; 32- "Haven't ___ before?"; 36- Priestly vestments; 37- Daimler's teeny two-seater; 39- Technique that reveals the inner you?; 40- Milk sugar; 41- The broad side of ___; 42- Hula dancer's accessory; 44- "Telephone Line" grp.; 45- "Quit it!"; 49- Tag player's declaration; 51- Kate's role in "Titanic"; 52- Prov. whose postal code begins with T; 53- Smooches on the subway, e.g., for short; 54- Where sweaters hang?; 55- Molasses-derived liquor; 57- Bay St. exec's deg.; 58- The '60s, for one;