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Print Puzzle - "High Society" by Barb Olson on 4/10/2022
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1- With 71-Across, stoners' brains?; 6- Equally distant; 11- Italian ___ (Subway sub); 14- Forearm bones; 15- Pre-chorus lines; 16- Site of the Queen's throne?; 17- Leave in a rage, with "out"; 18- Outdoor marijuana grow-op?; 20- Chatter on and on; 22- Tuck in for the night; 23- "___ set my mind to something ..."; 25- Boots from office; 26- Fund for buying marijuana?; 31- Factor in a marketing budget; 32- Sack racer's progressions; 33- "... long, long way to run, ___ needle pulling thread..."; 37- PC image file suffix; 38- "Yabba dabba ___!"; 40- Matter for a minister: Abbr.; 42- Mary Jane's initials?; 43- Curious George's husband-and-wife creators; 45- Anti-fur org.; 47- Belly protrusion; 49- Drug squad destroying a marijuana crop, say?; 52- Full speed ahead; 55- Canadian jazz legend Peterson; 56- Letterless grading system; 59- Apply hastily, as paint; 63- One in possession of marijuana?; 65- Glenn Gould artifact in the National Arts Centre; 66- Three, for a start; 67- "Hasta ___!" ("Later," in Lima); 68- Remove a nametag, perhaps; 69- Title for John A. Macdonald; 70- Boastful retort; 71- See 1-Across;
1- Landline on-the-phone signal; 2- Jason Kenney's prov.; 3- Door part avoided by germophobes; 4- Otologist's hammer, for one; 5- Of unsound mind; 6- Batter's stat.; 7- Cop role for Al Pacino, 1973; 8- Herr's her?; 9- Bus. conference go-along; 10- Sit atop; 11- Doesn't keep to oneself; 12- "The Water Lilies" painter Claude; 13- Sweeney and others; 19- Waste-of-oxygen types; 21- JVC competitor; 24- Said "what he said"; 26- Former NHLer Jaromír ___; 27- Davis's drooly dog; 28- Unconfirmed; 29- Belonging to the Queen of Talk; 30- Employ; 34- Major finale?; 35- Sound from a fan; 36- "Wicked!"; 39- Lift the lid, in poesy; 41- "The usual" place; 44- Light sweeping sound; 46- What a biped walks on; 48- Kiev's country; 50- Wrap in a warm embrace; 51- They make cars cooler, briefly; 52- Dates with doctors: Abbr.; 53- Native New Zealander; 54- Moving about in the morning; 57- Owned by that "homme"; 58- Requested proof of age; 60- Bear with a "too hard" bed; 61- "Come ___!" ("It's open!"); 62- Thumbs-downs in Trois-Pistoles; 64- Joey in the Hundred Acre Wood;