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Print Puzzle - "Group Mentality" by Barb Olson on 4/4/2022
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1- Rhyme scheme of limericks; 6- Mark Harmon mil. series; 10- Gillette's Trac II follow-up; 14- Needing a crossword hint, say; 15- Radius neighbour; 16- It takes a pounding to the head; 17- Auditioning whales to play Moby Dick?; 19- Guitar legend Hendrix; 20- Not Lib., P.C., N.D.P. or Green: Abbr.; 21- Letters prompting an I.O.U.?; 22- "The Planets" composer Gustav; 23- Philosophical fishes?; 28- Brampton-born PGA player David; 29- Olive in a strip; 30- Yahoo! rival; 31- Result of a lousy lead, maybe; 35- Kitchen addition?; 36- Long line of lions?; 38- Words of understanding; 40- Dumbstruck, with "for words"; 41- A little negative?; 42- Bookjacket blurb; 43- Lennon's tribute song to Ono; 47- Christie mystery about Egyptian river crows?; 52- Go on ___ trip (venture by car); 53- Skinniest battery size; 54- Periods after afts.; 55- Skill in answering "Does this make me look fat?", maybe; 56- Wolves known for telling whoppers?; 60- Pouty-lipped screen star Sommer; 61- Long (for); 62- A language of New Zealand; 63- Parliamentary mtg.; 64- Astrological Type A's; 65- Spidey ___ (leeriness);
1- Like a viper; 2- Without delay; 3- Statue whose belly might be rubbed; 4- Covertly let in on an email; 5- Alias indicator; 6- Wackadoodle; 7- Know-it-all on "Cheers"; 8- Booked-up spot in the Bible; 9- Succumb to gravity; 10- Montreal suburb, or pear variety; 11- Follow too closely, as a car; 12- It's not a nothing-but-net throw; 13- Somewhat; 18- NBC's "live from New York" show; 22- Stat. day, e.g.: Abbr.; 24- ___ du Canada (high award, in French); 25- R.E.M.'s "The ___ Love"; 26- Relating to sound; 27- Water/elec. util.; 32- Storied oil well firefighter Red; 33- Artoo-___, of "Star Wars"; 34- U.S. clean air grp.; 35- Yellowhead town near Edmonton; 36- '70s fad gifts that could be "trained"; 37- ___ speak (now); 38- Ones locked into cell plans?; 39- Brew that'll make you pucker; 42- Dream destination, maybe?; 44- Lowly gofer; 45- Lifts skirts or lowers pants; 46- She's the talk of the Loch; 48- Fruit in some crumbly squares; 49- Salsa scooper; 50- Attempts to make a scene?; 51- Vietnamese coin; 56- Chum; 57- Handy cribbage card; 58- Certain radio bands; 59- Ka ___ (South Point, on Hawaii);