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Print Puzzle - "Going All Out" by Barb Olson on 4/1/2022
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1- Prohibit; 4- Burns Night dish that's piped in; 10- Apt rhyme of claws; 14- Amin of Uganda; 15- Jokey roll call reply; 16- Take the trash out at a publishing house?; 17- Pressurized fuel, for short; 18- DQ treat made with cheesy fries & gravy?; 20- "Who Let the Dogs Out" group ___ Men; 22- Roughneck's worksite; 23- Throat woe common in kids; 24- Wraparound skirt or kimono?; 28- Heaps and heaps; 29- Scottish actor McGregor; 30- Only thing that matters; 31- Salmon also called chinook; 33- Safety gear in the ICU; 36- Scott Joplin's musical tribute to stew?; 40- WhatsApp chats; 41- Part of NIMBY; 42- Dangles loosely, as a dog's tongue; 43- Have ___ in one's bonnet; 45- Buenos ___, Argentina; 46- Illness accompanying a growth spurt?; 51- Buddies; 52- Keanu Reeves role; 53- Canadian cookie maker since 1892; 54- High fashion for the feet?; 58- Launcher of the Mars Hope Probe, 2020; 59- Sudden desire; 60- Settings for the sopranos?; 61- Cmdr.'s underlings; 62- Mentions; 63- Saintly spheres; 64- Bit of wood for Woods;
1- Tolkien's Bag End resident; 2- How a bore might ramble on; 3- Nips before tucks?; 4- Oldish word for chance; 5- Declares a no-go; 6- Astronaut's attire; 7- Very start; 8- Pasta ending, often; 9- Dot on a subway map: Abbr.; 10- Jelly gelling agent; 11- "... come let us ___ Him, ..."; 12- Charmed with Chardonnay; 13- Lead-in to daughter or dance; 19- Spanish "this"; 21- "Pride goeth before ___"; 25- Waste gas while parked, in a way; 26- Built like a refrigerator; 27- Big-mouthed pitcher; 30- Obesity meas.; 31- Principle of an ism; 32- A French fry veggie; 33- Get over by getting high?; 34- Fingers-on-wrist reading; 35- Some sci-fi subjects, for short; 37- "In ___ of flowers ..."; 38- Arabic "A"; 39- Like a sore loser at a bullfight?; 43- Fatigued groups?; 44- Long-necked pear; 45- Trading places in old Greece; 46- Dreamworks Princess of Power; 47- Roly-poly; 48- The scoop, in spy-speak; 49- Prefix with transmitter or surgeon; 50- Actress Witherspoon; 51- PC "thinking" parts; 55- "Impressive!"; 56- Take ___ cause; 57- Kin of -enne or -ette;