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Print Puzzle - "G-force" by Barb Olson on 3/29/2022
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1- Flat-topped landform; 5- Glitz up; 10- "Here, let ___ it"; 14- Holiday and Prestige, for two; 15- Calgary Stampede event; 16- Allowed to mellow; 17- Second-most downloaded app of 2020; 18- Gettin' a tan?; 20- Middle of F.B.I.; 22- Thirst-quenching spot; 23- Puttin' Pops' pops in the car?; 27- Mont Blanc, e.g.; 28- Sporty roadsters, for short; 29- Driver's about-face; 30- C.P.P. recipients; 33- Home with a flap door; 35- 3-5 of 26; 36- "George of the Jungle" elephant; 37- Baseball mitt that'll never need replacin'?; 41- Drinks on a trolley; 42- Marine-related: Abbr.; 43- ___ the side of caution; 44- Calm silence?; 45- Muttered shrug; 46- Pull up a chair, hillbilly-style; 48- YVR guesstimate; 49- Where the ship's cooks might be playin' some ten-pin?; 52- Walled city of Spain; 55- Rope together, as hooves; 56- Husband-to-be havin' a meal?; 59- Knock off one's game; 62- Blue videocam, for 17-Across; 63- She "passes" in a Browning work; 64- Supertramp's "___ in the Quietest Moments"; 65- Sound of hope in a sonar search; 66- Onetime "Maclean's" columnist Mark; 67- Funnyman Foxx;
1- Broadway nickname "Les ___"; 2- U2 producer Brian; 3- Luxury brand selling point; 4- Clear ___ (very unclear); 5- Money, in Montréal; 6- Rappers' head wraps; 7- Scent's smellier cousin; 8- FF opposite; 9- "There's ___ in 'team'"; 10- Many Trump rally attendees, casually; 11- They're big in Hollywood, often; 12- Genoa's location, maybe; 13- Bettor's calculation; 19- "Nada chance"; 21- Orion's brightest star; 23- A part that "je te plumerai," in song; 24- Onetime British school exam; 25- Auto name meaning "listen"; 26- Demeanour; 30- Reprieve for a seasick sailor; 31- Election fraud claimant's demand; 32- Costing the big bucks; 34- TV medical drama settings; 35- Lisa LaFlamme's network; 36- Popular camera type, for short; 38- Yet again; 39- Montreal-born comic Mort; 40- Say, without actually saying; 45- Forgo stoicism, say; 46- Typist atop a doghouse; 47- "I Am the Walrus" fellow; 49- Jazzy jewellery; 50- "Fingers crossed"; 51- One on a long-term cell plan?; 52- Go for ___ (swim); 53- Third of Caesar's claims; 54- A party to; 57- Family docs; 58- Slowing: Mus.; 60- How not to pronounce the Z in La-Z-Boy; 61- Crust or caboose;