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Print Puzzle - "Double Doubles" by Barb Olson on 3/26/2022
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1- Non-drinkable six-pack; 4- Flailing dancer's "pit"; 8- Get all set; 14- "Fat" day: Abbr.; 15- Economical Chevy; 16- Suffer through; 17- Birdie flight path; 18- Nicholson/Barber duo?; 20- Speedwagons, e.g.; 22- Nice noggins; 23- Rubber cheque letters; 24- Fleming/Plath duo?; 28- Milk bag?; 29- "Ritardando" reversal; 33- Opposite of Dn.; 34- Nuptial coverups; 38- Scull propellers; 39- Kelly/Valli duo?; 43- ___-tat (toy gun sound); 44- Stuck together, maybe; 45- Zeds tipped over; 46- Pied-___ (temporary home); 49- Ill-fated rapper Shakur; 51- Lahr/Coombs duo?; 56- Words with dare or tear; 59- Critter on an Aussie keepsake; 60- Informal agreements?; 61- Cochrane/Garcia duo?; 65- ___ in "xylophone"; 66- Tip jar toss-in; 67- Canadian Club products; 68- ___ d'Orléans, Québec; 69- Beginning stages; 70- Starbucks size below "grande"; 71- Bay St. trading place;
1- Centipede company; 2- Red tape issuer?; 3- Passable, but not primo; 4- Rank with a crown insignia: Abbr.; 5- Eggs, to a biologist; 6- Splinter groups; 7- Laughably lame; 8- Swiss city or U.S. watch maker; 9- Says "We're through"; 10- Curly, but not Larry or Moe: Abbr.; 11- Partner of wrack; 12- Surfing destinations?; 13- Ill-gotten gains; 19- S-shaped ocean: Abbr.; 21- Like a basset hound's look; 25- Guelph-born Campbell of "Scream"; 26- "The Sopranos" actress de Matteo; 27- Ages and ages: Var.; 30- Take one's leave; 31- Weatherbee and Skinner, for two; 32- Sugar suffixes; 33- Northern India tourist city; 35- Having one sharp, as a key; 36- The "bad" cholesterol: Abbr.; 37- Van. school named for an explorer; 40- ___-loading (runner's strategy); 41- Collecting the C.P.P., maybe; 42- Together, on sheet music; 47- Mend, as mittens; 48- Chews away at; 50- Ask too much of, in a way; 52- ___ Mahal (blues musician); 53- Weather station locale in Nunavut; 54- ___ one (zero); 55- British-sounding Lake Erie county; 56- Palindromic name; 57- Hands-up time?; 58- "Cornflake Girl" singer Tori; 62- CBC TV's "Anne With ___"; 63- Seminary subj.; 64- French couturier, initially;