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Print Puzzle - "Crossing Paths" by Barb Olson on 3/23/2022
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1- TV co. that produced "Lou Grant"; 4- Outspoken Mair of '80s talk radio; 8- Marked a bingo card, in a way; 14- XXX alternative; 15- April's creepy "Parks and Recreation" friend; 16- Conservative leader Erin; 17- Had a growth spurt; 19- Become focused (on); 20- Take to lambasting; 22- Itching for action; 23- Fairy tale beginning; 24- One during REM stage; 26- Eur. dominion until 1806; 28- Old French penny; 29- Japan's Shinzo ___; 32- Speedy Gonzales cry; 35- Innards; 38- Like a warty croaker; 40- Thoroughly thump; 41- Bread bag closer; 43- Praiseful poets; 44- Inits. in French fashion; 45- IHOP drinks; 46- Record time?; 47- Simulate, as a crime; 51- Sign-off word in a letter from Mom; 54- Woman, in old gangster films; 56- Make a simple breakfast, say; 59- Intro; 61- Metaphor for a time of need; 62- Curious thing; 63- Leaves' home; 64- Top naval off.; 65- Most Solomonic; 66- "Milk" director Gus Van ___; 67- Steam kettle sound;
1- Rolling stone's lack, it is said; 2- ___ bottom (entirely); 3- Baio's "Joanie Loves Chachi" costar; 4- Carpentry insert that gets in the groove; 5- Drawing dabbler's course; 6- Crazed superfan; 7- Get behind in a race?; 8- No-___ caffeine pills; 9- "It was ___ effort" ("We did it together"); 10- Carried, as by wind; 11- Saloon patrons' foot rests; 12- Wallace and Whitney; 13- Say "Not I!," say; 18- Common corsage flowers; 21- Bold highlighter hues; 25- Giller Prize nominee, say; 27- Scottish singer Sheena; 30- Newbie trumpeter's sound, maybe; 31- Keys for getting out; 32- Wigged worker, once: Abbr.; 33- Garden divisions; 34- Convicts hastily and unfairly; 36- Mars, as it's called, with "the"; 37- Splitting headache, for some?; 39- Islamic headscarf; 42- Ushers; 48- Title lady in an Ethel Merman tune; 49- Takes out the trash at a newsroom?; 50- Half crown; 52- Hindu scriptures; 53- "Zounds!"; 54- Totally flub; 55- "Insta" kin in brands; 57- Security for a debt; 58- School assembly spots; 60- "All the News That's Fit to Print" sloganeer, for short;