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Print Puzzle - "By Cracky!" by Barb Olson on 3/17/2022
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1- Short form of Roberta; 7- Pitched item with a fly; 11- Wane; 14- Without an intermission; 15- Like two of four elements; 16- Nero's 41; 17- Sport in which the term "Hail Mary pass" is meant literally?; 19- Start to "2-3-4!"; 20- Masculine article in Munich; 21- ___-Lite ("Groove is in the Heart" band); 22- Overalls part; 23- Smokeless smoke, briefly; 25- Guy cooking dinner for his wife?; 30- Observes with a squint; 33- Requiring tougher cleansers; 34- Vienna's ctry.; 35- Clearly needed winter tires; 36- R.R. transports; 37- Failed to identify a blue-footed bird?; 41- Dry, to a vintner; 42- Sounds when the curtain rises; 43- Second smallest cont.; 44- "Oh, puhleez!"; 46- Palatial properties; 50- Enter kitty in the 100-metre dash?; 52- ___ an ear (listened); 53- Phone mode for the deaf; 54- "Dies ___" (hymn title meaning "day of wrath"); 57- Skinny Energizer; 58- Feel unwell; 59- Pokey's overweight, sunburnt sidekick?; 63- Home prov. of "Bud the Spud"; 64- Be up against; 65- Rapper behind the Fyre Festival fiasco; 66- Take advantage of; 67- Overdo the praise; 68- Insulted snidely;
1- Certain careless shepherdess; 2- How chow mein may be served; 3- ___ Babies (stuffed toys); 4- Street in Toronto's financial district; 5- Shot (the puck) rink-length; 6- To be, in Terrebonne; 7- "___ words were never spoken"; 8- Medical head lines?; 9- Collar or cuff; 10- Blue Rodeo song that begins: "Don't tell me I'm wrong"; 11- Second item shown to the jury; 12- Sobbing and snivelly; 13- Drill insert; 18- Infantry unit: Abbr.; 22- Mooch; 24- Teen in a tux, maybe; 26- Described as "no oil painting," perhaps; 27- Palm-greasing deals; 28- Lay low; 29- What dates often end with: Abbr.; 31- Tropical postcard scene; 32- It can take your breath away; 35- Carrier to Copenhagen; 37- Sheriffs' assistants; 38- Leadup to a blunt admission; 39- Wooley who sang "The Purple People Eater"; 40- Toothbrush maker ___-B; 41- Old Rus. state; 45- Word with X or UV; 46- Fictional governess Jane; 47- Work on the buddy system, say; 48- Aid an addict in a bad way; 49- Didn't say "hit me" in blackjack; 51- What a doula attends; 55- Noun modifiers: Abbr.; 56- Pulitzer recipient Jennifer; 58- Father of Anoop on "The Simpsons"; 59- Area of interest, casually; 60- Meas. of beer tartness; 61- "Gloomy" guy; 62- Geller with a mindbending talent;