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Print Puzzle - "Break It Up" by Barb Olson on 3/13/2022
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1- Pretentious put-ons; 5- Where "Cheers" is set; 11- N.Y.C. airport; 14- "Mötley" mob; 15- B.C. strait off Haida Gwaii; 16- Geller of psychokinesis; 17- Setting dial; 19- Was being followed, say; 20- Pull the plug; 21- Licorice-tasting digestive aid; 23- Philosopher Kierkegaard; 24- Came clean about; 26- Lake name meaning "long tail" in Iroquoian; 27- It might come to a head; 28- Those: Sp.; 29- Speed Wagon maker; 30- Here's-what-I-think piece; 31- Earth Day seas.; 33- Opera's Ben Heppner, e.g.; 35- You might click with it; 37- Margaret's addressee in a Blume book; 38- Ground hit, in golf lingo; 39- Bigger-than-big sizes; 42- Do in, Shakespeare-style; 45- Calgary trade sch.; 46- Jointly-owned enterprise; 47- Painting medium akin to crayons; 50- Fly, before it can fly; 51- He played Robin Hood and Eliot Ness; 52- Fred or Ginger; 53- What you might get for effort; 54- Continental wall formed by the Rockies ... or the black square separating each set of circled letters; 57- I.T. giant in Tokyo; 58- Caesar's "yada yada"; 59- "___ sure you are aware, ..."; 60- ___ de Montréal; 61- In a pathetic way; 62- Canal city of southern France;
1- Finger-pointer; 2- Pre-smelted material; 3- Rampages wildly; 4- Love seat lookalike; 5- Flapjack flipper's workplace; 6- "___ blu, dipinto di..." ("Volare" lyrics); 7- "Argh!", to Cathy in the comics; 8- Bicycle seat style; 9- Do a makeup job?; 10- Try again on eBay; 11- Minty cocktails; 12- ___ Be Serene (Lululemon bra); 13- Daycare denizens, casually; 18- Anchorman Burgundy in a Ferrell flick; 22- Court battle instigators; 24- Shared Polish/German river; 25- Peak of the week: Abbr.; 27- Almost-obsolete music player; 30- Lennon's second wife; 31- Like the first G in gigolo; 32- Buf-___ (facial sponge); 34- Setting for "The Mummy"; 35- Go postal?; 36- Strip of possessions?; 38- Modern main squeeze; 40- Concise "two thumbs up"; 41- "I don't need the gory details"; 42- Equalizing boast; 43- Richie who sang "Hello"; 44- ___-Lorraine (French region); 45- Steady flow; 46- Surface for Ali or Dali; 48- Word before cake or dust; 49- Sealy rival; 50- My ___, Vietnam; 52- Metaphoric now-or-never moment; 55- Draft pick?; 56- Apostrophized "up to";