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Print Puzzle - "And??" by Barb Olson on 3/10/2022
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1- ___ apple; 6- Totes tight bud; 9- Sombre, or where one might feel this way; 14- Beach bag item; 15- Perfume by singer Grande; 16- Lifting bar; 17- TV series about grass maintenance?; 19- Girl's name with a boy's name inside; 20- Booze, facetiously; 21- Regular hangouts; 22- Janis Joplin song about a cruel guy?; 25- Promising sign in the orchard; 26- Enjoyed one's peeps?; 27- "Ideas worth spreading" talks; 28- "Don't mind ___"; 31- ___ degree (graduate); 33- Like a stage actor with a large part?; 36- Frizzy do on Scooby-Doo?; 40- On the battlefield; 42- Have a hunch?; 43- High-speed connection, briefly; 45- "___ the news today..." (Beatles lyric); 48- Many birthday attendees, for short; 49- Whole lot of little meowers?; 53- Garden pest with pincers; 54- Connery's 007 successor; 55- Popular NHL coach Vigneault; 56- Continue to lament?; 60- Mozart's "Cosi fan ___"; 61- Any of this puzzle's six theme answers; 62- Two tablespoons; 63- Lefthanded pitching great Warren ___; 64- Part of M.S.T.: Abbr.; 65- Event in "12 Angry Men";
1- "The pond": Abbr.; 2- ___ double take; 3- "Too cute" utterance; 4- Group one would be smart to join?; 5- Toronto cult rockers since 1992; 6- Interrogation tough guy; 7- Coffee refill or dinner mint; 8- Many a Christmas tree; 9- Sparkle; 10- Dragging one's heels; 11- Settle the score; 12- Went on a rant; 13- Prepare the blackboard, maybe; 18- BBQ chef's dry blends; 21- Water/electric bill; 22- Flub; 23- Menu tab next to file, often; 24- Dead tired; 25- Three-quarters of "obit," aptly; 29- Took care of; 30- Upper Canada locale, today: Abbr.; 32- Half of Cdn. postal codes; 34- Being shy, in a way; 35- He's got the dope on the dope; 37- April 1 victim; 38- Something you might slip on after a bath; 39- Photo ___ (shots at shots); 41- Give holy hell; 43- Forerunner of high-speed; 44- ___ title (condo ownership option); 46- Teem (with); 47- Knocker holder; 49- Byron peer who died of tuberculosis at 25; 50- German "a"; 51- "Maybe that's a bad idea"; 52- Express qualms; 56- Fed. riding electees; 57- Common pasta ending; 58- Big name in TVs; 59- "Electric" fish;