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Print Puzzle - "Active Wear" by Barb Olson on 3/7/2022
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1- Some potpourri petals; 7- Spongy-headed marsh plant; 14- Verdi's take on a Shakespeare play; 15- R&B star of "The Wiz," 2009; 16- One of Paul Simon's "50 ways to leave your lover"; 18- Little help?; 19- David who played Rhoda's husband; 20- Moisturizing butter; 22- "Fine, don't listen to me"; 26- Gap in thinking?; 29- Film buff's network, briefly; 30- Aleppo's ctry.; 31- Rival of Prego; 32- Dough or do-re-mi; 34- Overnight task at a supermarket; 41- "It's either ___ no"; 42- Travel to the runway; 43- Product maker: Abbr.; 46- Hundred Acre Woods regular; 47- The up sides of sherpa work?; 50- Prepare fish for deep-frying, say; 53- ___ mater; 54- Hogmanay celebrant; 55- Casual turndown; 58- Groovy "let it all hang out" lead-in; 63- Available to consumers; 64- Gold digging blockade?; 65- Cause of black tears, maybe; 66- Private greeting?;
1- Qualify for the booby prize; 2- "___ never work!"; 3- Eric the Red's son; 4- Yodeller's backdrop; 5- Become obstructed; 6- Manitoba town, from "mouse" in French; 7- "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" alum Jones; 8- ___ Wednesday; 9- Popular newspaper article?; 10- It might get picked up in a bar; 11- "Why, what ___ am I!" (Hamlet line); 12- Dermatology concerns; 13- Probable, or a town in B.C.'s Cariboo; 17- Overhead luggage item; 21- Egypt's cont.; 22- Covered in 31-Across, e.g.; 23- Boy bears, in Barcelona; 24- "Houston, we have a problem"; 25- "Hair" part?; 26- C.P.P. recipients; 27- Sun ___-sen (Chinese thinker); 28- Park '___ (airport service); 32- Dept. head; 33- Take in or let out; 35- Actress Russell of "Felicity"; 36- Airs currently; 37- Gaming greenhorn; 38- Moving vehicle; 39- Priv. line access; 40- Bro mate; 43- Cher's record label; 44- Prison where Johnny Cash sang; 45- Title pest of kid-lit; 47- Worksite trailer brand; 48- Walks huffily; 49- Part of etc.; 51- Tex-Mex shell food; 52- Latin "stars," in many mottos; 55- Word from Mork; 56- Border on; 57- Much ado about something; 59- Letters at a food court; 60- Bruce Cockburn's "___ Tree Falls"; 61- Suffix with laugh; 62- ___ paese (cheese);