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Print Puzzle - "Acting Out" by Barb Olson on 3/4/2022
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1- TV room dust collectors, today; 5- ___ hole in (erodes); 10- Besieged WWII city in France; 14- Wheelhouse, so to speak; 15- Out of the groove; 16- Call of the sea?; 17- Ultimate inspiration?; 19- Golf hole near the clubhouse; 20- Body language for "Really?? How scandalous!"; 22- Skating saboteur Harding; 23- Suggested amt. on a label; 24- Meat department wts.; 26- Apple audio file ext.; 27- Tureen contents; 31- Timber wolves; 33- Body language for "Whooee, that's sour!"; 36- Toronto's Don Valley is one: Abbr.; 39- Lewis character whose name means "lion"; 40- "What can ___ you?" (barkeep's query); 41- Body language for "Good one!!"; 44- "___ your mother" (clueless dad's words); 45- Cooler brand with a Tibetan name; 46- Light starter?; 49- Many Apostles: Abbr.; 50- Likely reply to "Who's up for a treat?"; 53- Fraudulent company in 2001 news; 55- Body language for "Huh??"; 60- "Seize the day" acronym; 61- "Tell me about it, brother"; 62- '90s Canucks enforcer Stojanov; 63- Yellowish Dutch cheese; 64- Seats of conceit; 65- Is no longer a miss?; 66- Tent upgrade from canvas; 67- Have a landlord;
1- They're hired to stall your car; 2- Fridge art medium, maybe; 3- Try again, as a bounced email; 4- Remained uninvolved; 5- Currency of Slovakia; 6- From the top; 7- Yonder, to a yokel; 8- Instrument George Harrison took up; 9- Dish soap target in the garden; 10- Brand prefix with -Flush; 11- Have grand aspirations; 12- But a distant memory; 13- "___ of little faith...": Matthew 8:26; 18- Corleone cohort "who sleeps with the fishes"; 21- Tightwad's draw; 25- Bootcamp bigshot: Abbr.; 28- October birthstone; 29- "___-daisy!"; 30- Like thick orange juice; 32- Not duped?: Abbr.; 33- Strong cleansing compounds; 34- ___ Breton Island, N.S.; 35- Partner of purl; 36- Amazon shpts.; 37- What a woodworker sees right through; 38- Talked one's way (out of); 42- Wrong-side-of the-tracks sort, in modern slang; 43- Charlotte to Harry; 46- Prioritize for first aid; 47- Alternative to hot-and-sour; 48- Take in, as food; 51- "Send me ___!" (plea to the gods); 52- "Real" name; 54- Edmonton or Toronto "hub city" player; 56- "Good to go" replies; 57- Fidel's brother and successor; 58- One ___ (single ball, no strikes); 59- Common Vietnamese surname; 60- Veer off course;