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Print Puzzle - "A Change at the Top" by Barb Olson on 3/1/2022
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1- "Git!"; 5- Muddled mint drink; 10- Be up against; 14- Magazine title meaning "she"; 15- Echo voice; 16- Countess Crawley on "Downton Abbey"; 17- How Miss Universe humbly asked for a favour?; 20- Pouch on a kilt; 21- "Mötley" mob; 22- Feel lousy; 23- Working away; 24- Scheduler's "check back later"; 27- Headgear for a Parisian cowboy?; 31- Deep-___ (discard); 32- Vancouver or Cape Breton: Abbr.; 33- Merrymaking; 34- Let loose on the farm; 37- VIIth-century opener; 39- Big name in "O-Matic" gadgets; 40- "I just feel it" kind of sense; 42- Robe name meaning "white"; 44- Hump Day follower: Abbr.; 45- Safety sign for nuns on a construction site?; 49- End for Joseph or Paul; 50- Dues; 51- British mil. honour; 52- Age in the crisper; 53- "The One" thing, for "Friends"; 57- Without the slightest hesitation, in the Hebrides?; 61- Moore of "G.I. Jane"; 62- Kitchen stickers; 63- Tale of Coleridge's mariner; 64- Utah hoopsters; 65- Two barbershop groups; 66- North Sea feeder through Belgium;
1- Uses a Singer, say; 2- YouTube segment; 3- Cher or Sade, vocally; 4- Home of Hassan Rouhani; 5- "Merry game" court sport; 6- ___ Bator, Mongolia; 7- The Once-___ ("The Lorax" narrator); 8- Puerto Rican "precisely!"; 9- Acting the matchmaker; 10- Word with head, heart or stomach; 11- You don't want this around you; 12- "Sylvan historian" in a Keats ode; 13- Little fella; 18- Subj. with tangents; 19- Total kook; 23- Angry tweeter's format; 24- Day count in "septembre"; 25- "You ___!" ("Darn tootin'!"); 26- "Here's looking ___, kid"; 27- Manhattan "Alley" of old music; 28- Run out, as Time; 29- A "Cuckoo's Nest" treatment; 30- "Old MacDonald" ending; 31- Roll in wasabi; 35- Leno's announcer Hall; 36- Host of a "come from away," for short; 38- Sidelined at work, maybe; 41- Make way for; 43- Pole near a pillow; 46- Think___ (sign seen on entering Canada); 47- "Like that'll ever happen"; 48- Beads clutched in church; 52- Word with gee or Cheez; 53- Blade in sport fencing; 54- Town drunk on "The Simpsons"; 55- Agatha Christie title?; 56- Code Red event: Abbr.; 57- Noun adornment: Abbr.; 58- Steeped brew; 59- Celeb gossip site; 60- Doug Ford's prov.;