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Print Puzzle - "The Same But Different" by Barb Olson on 1/14/2022
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1- Singer Tennille; 5- Romance novelist Seton; 9- Went back on shore?; 14- Things a therapist is told; 15- Calculate election results; 17- Destination for downhillers; 19- "I'm not feelin' it"; 20- Find a purpose for; 21- Arrow trajectory; 22- Sparkle; 24- What a gin player is dealt; 30- Betrayed boredom; 32- Ballet "step"; 33- Call from a nanny; 34- Full of dirty plays, in hockey slang; 36- Robinson who was Canada's first openly gay M.P.; 38- Part of a Pippi costume; 42- Fast food chain with a stetson in its logo; 43- Mail box?; 44- Hard water?; 45- NYC-based insurance co.; 46- Hang-around-the-house wear; 50- Place to board a Border collie; 54- Bath-loving Muppet; 55- Loan accumulation: Abbr.; 56- Madagascar's cont.; 58- "Leave be" letters, in the ICU; 59- Season-ending pro baseball match; 65- Fairly certain; 66- Doyle who led Great Big Sea; 67- Rapid, in music; 68- Words replaced by commas; 69- Actor Hackman;
1- Like Tanya Tucker's singing style; 2- Henri's "hubba hubba!"; 3- Archie to Prince William; 4- "It ___" (formal reply to "Who's there?"); 5- Ones at a poker table?; 6- Brown-___ (suck-up sort); 7- Frostbite Music Festival terr.; 8- "As Is" singer DiFranco; 9- Each partner; 10- Kitchen appliance brand; 11- Rock band partly named for a trucker magazine, for short; 12- Never ending, poetically; 13- "Spring forward" zone: Abbr.; 16- Streetcars; 18- Durango digits; 23- Like certain video game birds; 25- Steal the spotlight from; 26- Naheed Nenshi, to Calgary; 27- "Ya got that right!"; 28- Da ___ (Vietnam port); 29- Oatmeal cookie brand; 31- Keypad letters on 3; 35- Take for ___ (test drive); 36- What chefs often stick with?; 37- More despicable; 38- Accounts receivable stamp; 39- With the bow, in viola music; 40- "___ your pardon!"; 41- Lets in on email; 45- Itching to move; 47- "Hurry!", to Speedy Gonzales; 48- Heartless Oz character; 49- Ideal for meditating; 51- Clothes for a cèilidh; 52- Put an ___ (kibosh); 53- Scottish landowner; 57- Banking costs; 59- Key figure on a résumé?; 60- Top medal metal, in Madrid; 61- Home ph.; 62- '80s Oiler Tikkanen; 63- Feature that may be common to 17-, 24-, 38-, 50 and 59-Across; 64- "___ me with a spoon!";